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Cam Cameron

LSU offense having "outstanding" camp so far

On the offense as a unit 

“Our effort so far has been outstanding. We have great veteran leadership in La’el Collins, Elliott Porter, Kenny Hilliard and Terrence Magee. They are having an outstanding camp. We have really good competition with our wide receivers and running backs. We have some things to figure out with the offensive line, but we’ll get them taken care of.”
On getting the quarterbacks ready 

“We are trying to get everyone ready. Anthony (Jennings) has experience with the two big games. We had some great competition this spring, but our goal is to have everyone ready for the same game. I think Coach Miles will be able to make that decision. The offenses’ focus is to get everyone ready, and the quarterback position is no different.”
On the preparation by the quarterbacks 

“I’ve seen tremendous preparation with our guys. They are willing to do anything and everything. They understand it’s the first guy in the building and last guy to leave expectation here. Zach (Mettenberger) showed that leadership last year along with Anthony in the Arkansas game. I think they understand that everything starts with our preparation. Our expectation in games is to play like they do in practice. If they play like they did this week, we’ll play well.”
On the possibility of playing two quarterbacks 

“Coach Miles will make the right decision. Our job is to make sure everyone is ready to play like a starter. We have five guys in our (quarterbacks) room that we expect to prepare like starters. The expectation is to go in and play like an LSU starter. Everyone’s skill set is different. None of the guys are exactly the same. We aren’t going to call the same plays for each guy. We do expect all of them to be tough, to lead, to be able to execute our running game and flourish in whatever passing game fits them. It doesn’t matter how many we have, they’ll all have to play.”
On the newcomers as a group 

“I’ve been impressed with all of our young players including guys from last year’s freshmen class. I can go down a list of freshmen and sophomores. There are still a lot of unknowns, but they are extremely bright and hard workers. From what I’ve seen, all of the guys are who we thought they were and then some. That’s a really good sign for us.”
On the improvement of the quarterbacks 

“It’s so early. I’ve seen a lot of improvement through last spring and the summer. Now in a short period of time Anthony Jennings, Brandon Harris, Jake Clise and Brad Kragthorpe are all playing great. The constant theme with our quarterbacks is that they’re athletic. They can all run, which is a positive. They have a similar skill set, but I’m’ pleased with the way our guys are working. We better improve going against our defense.”
On replacing so many prolific offensive players from last season 

“I’ve never been to a place where you didn’t have to replace players like you do here. I’ve been fortunate enough to be around great players. Unfortunately, you can’t keep everyone around. You’re always developing young talent and bringing in new guys. There are a lot of guys that are getting overlooked like Avery Peterson, Melvin Jones, Ethan Pocic and more. There are fifteen guys that I haven’t heard a word about, and they’ll contribute if they continue to improve. That’s what gives us a chance to collectively replace great players. You don’t ever replace an Odell Beckham Jr., but you can do it collectively. That’s why this game is so fun. The faces change but the expectations don’t.
On the tight ends

“I think Dillon Gordon has a chance to be a dominant tight end. I think DeSean Smith is an ascending player. He played wide receiver so he won’t magically play tight end in the SEC. It’s a hard transition. Coach Ensminger does as good as job as anyone in developing those guys. Logan Stokes was originally a defensive end in junior college but becomes a tight end. Travis Dickson gives us great flexibility. He comes from a great football family. The expectation is to play as well as any tight end group in the country, and we expect them to do that.”
On the biggest adjustment from the pro game to LSU 

“They’re almost the same. The one difference is that the players have to go to school. In a lot of ways, it’s easier to play in the NFL as a young player than college. It’s different for a guy his freshman or sophomore year. I marvel that our guys are able to play at such a high level their first two years given the jump in academics.  The play changes in the NFL, but you don’t have school. You prepare the whole day on football. In a lot of ways, it’s harder to play as a young player than the NFL.”

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