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Posted: Friday, 31 May 2013 7:14PM

Coach Paul Mainieri On the collision between Alex Bregman and Raph Rhymes

LSU Head Coach Paul Mainieri

Opening statement
“I don’t know what adjective to use. Maybe one of the more painful wins that we’ve had in our time. We’re glad to win the game of course, but the biggest concern is Alex Bregman and Raph Rhymes with the collision. We’ll just pray and hope that they’re going to be okay and be able to get back to playing. It was a rough game. Nothing went by script today. Obviously Ryan [Eades] had a tough time with his command, and Kurt [McCune] came in and saved the day for the Tigers. He was phenomenal – just absolutely outstanding. This was the longest he’d thrown in a long, long time. The other guy that I think really stepped up for us off the bench was Jared Foster. Chris Sciambra came up and got a big hit for us, and Jared Foster had a big day hitting the homerun and a sacrifice fly. There were a lot of things that didn’t go so great today, but there were a lot of things that were also really outstanding. I’m really happy that some guys really rose to the occasion for our team. So we’re going to hopefully get through this thing – health-wise – and we’ll just dwell on the fact that we won the ballgame and we’re okay and move on to the big game tomorrow.”

On the collision between Alex Bregman and Raph Rhymes…
“I’m not really concerned about concussions at all. Raph Rhymes could have continued to play in the game but I just chose to take him out of the game. He had a laceration on his lip and needed some stiches. He took a good blow to the nose so he might have a couple of black eyes – I don’t think his nose is broken or anything. There was no concussion or anything like that. I just felt that the heat and the shot to the head and everything, the best thing was just to get him out of the game. Alex [Bregman’s] situation is a little bit more concerning to us, quite frankly. He’s at the hospital right now and getting some tests done on the bones in his face and I haven’t heard any report yet, so that’s as much as I know.”

On LSU’s relief pitching performance…
“[Nate] Fury did a good job, I thought, and so did Joey Bourgeois. Kevin Berry didn’t and Hunter Newman didn’t. The only reason I took Kurt [McCune] out of the game was because of the balance of playing one at a time, and also knowing you’ve got a long tournament. There’s always a challenge. It’s more challenging because Cody Glenn is not with us. I thought that the game was not in hand but close to being in hand and we could get through two innings, the plan was to go with Kevin Berry for the eighth and [Hunter] Newman for the ninth. Kevin [Berry] got the first out and looked like he was throwing the ball pretty well and all of a sudden just kind of lost it. [Nate] Fury came in and I thought he did a really good job – got us out of the inning. I was going to start the ninth with [Nate] Fury, but I thought let’s try to save the pitches with him, especially after we tacked on the one additional run in the bottom of the eighth inning. Unfortunately, Hunter Newman walked the first batter and gave up a homerun and walked another batter. But Joey [Bourgeois] I thought did a great job.”


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