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Posted: Friday, 18 November 2016 1:48PM

LSU AD Joe Alleva sends letter on hiring of new head football coach

LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva has sent a letter to Tiger fans outlining the qualities he's looking for when hiring a new head football coach. He said the guidelines include integrity, work ethic, relentless recruiter and accomplished leader.
Tiger Rag Associate Editor James Moran says one of the items in Alleva's letter stuck out.
"It's kind of a shot at the guy they just fired in being able to adapt to changes in college football," said Moran. "That's a pretty obvious not-so-veil shot at Les Miles."
Moran said a letter like this would be what any athletic director would look for in a coach.
He said Alleva's final note is that the hire must be an accomplished leader of young men, and the first instinct would be to think that these qualities sound like Interim Head Coach Ed Orgeron.
"That would kind of be feeding into what we've all been hearing and that's that if he wins out he's got a pretty good chance of keeping that job," said Moran. "But depending on how you read it, it could be pointing to Jimbo Fisher or Tom Herman."
Moran said Alleva could be putting out this letter because he's tired of hearing a lot of misinformation and speculation that's circling. He believes this also points to the fact that a resolution is coming down very soon.
"Whether it's pulling the interim tag or making the move on somebody else to come not too too long after the Texas A&M game," said Moran. "And that's Friday and LSU's regular season is going to be over and the coaching search will be in full swing."

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