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Posted: Monday, 14 October 2013 3:33PM

LHSAA awaits police report on officials' arrest

The investigation into a pair of high school football referees continues, following their arrest during a game in Covington Friday night.  The Louisiana High School Athletics Association's head of officiating is wondering why they were booked.

Click here for more on the incident.

At Friday's Covington vs. St. Paul's game, an official asked a police officer to move the crowd back from the sideline.  The officer did, but when the referee came over and asked him to move the crowd back a little further, a dispute resulted and ended when the officer put the two officials in handcuffs and booked them for public intimidation.

LHSAA head of officiating Keith Alexander thinks the cops may have overreacted.
"The officials have the authority to move people or have people moved to make sure we have a safe environment for our student athletes," Alexander said.  "I don't see anything that they've done wrong, other than try to carry out their job."

Alexander says he is awaiting statements from the officiating crew, and access to the Covington police report.  Covington police say they won't say anything more until the investigation is complete.

(photo courtesy Bobby Gilboy)

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