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Kristian's quick hits: These Saints better than Super Bowl Champs

Better than 2009?

The 2011-2012 Saints are starting to draw comparisons to the 2009-2010 Super Bowl championship team, and deservedly so.  However, I would say this team is better!  Yep!  You got it!  They are better!  While the defense has been challenged this season, and they are not collecting as many turnovers, they have been outstanding on third down.   Keeping opponents from sustaining drives is just as good as a turnover. The 2011 Saints offense could go down in NFL history as the most prolific ever!  The ground game, coupled with a passing game that is virtually unsolvable, makes the Saints practically unbeatable.  Playsoff teams facing New Orleans have to hope the Saints kill themselves with penalties and turnovers.  If that doesn't happen, the Saints won't be beat... not by Detroit, not by San Francisco and not even by the Packers.  It's one at a time, I know, but this team appears to be headed for another party with the Lombardi. 

Domefield advantage:

The Saints finished the regular season unbeaten (8-0) at home, a franchise first.  New Orleans is averaging more than 40 points per game at home this year.  What's more? They're beating their opponents in the Mercedes Benz Superdome by an average of 23 points.  The advantage at the Dome is predicated on outstanding play and coaching without question, but the fans make the Superdome one of the most intimidating venues in the NFL for visiting teams. 

Sights and sounds:

I want to bring you inside an NFL game on the sidelines.   If you ever get the chance to watch a game from field level, you will immediately be in awe of the speed in which the game is played with.  These grown men are so unbelievably fast.  They hit with such force.  The collisions sound like a shot gun blast going off by your head.   The trash talking is always a part of the game that I enjoy most.  For the most part the Saints are fairly quiet in the trash talking department.   The feel on the sideline in the Superdome is like none other.  You can feel the energy coming down onto the field from the Who Dat Nation. 

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01/02/2012 4:16PM
Kristian's quick hits: These Saints better than Super Bowl Champs
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01/03/2012 12:58PM
They could be better
They could be better, but they haven't won anything yet. Going into the playoffs this team today is better, but they have to win it for me to say they are better than the 2009 Saints.
01/04/2012 7:09AM
Best Saints team ever
No doubt... look at all the records. None of that matters, though, unless they win the Super Bowl!
01/05/2012 2:34AM
It's the NFL......
.......I love the Saints and agree that they are better than the 2009 team. I have gone back and watched every game from both seasons. The way they are playing right now is unquestionably superior to the Super Bowl Championship team. Anything can happen though......the teams that they are about to face will be leaving nothing on the field. Win or lose they have been something amazing to watch ever since week 8.
01/06/2012 6:32PM
Peter King
In the NFl edition of Sports Illustrated to start the season, Mr. King predicted the falcons would beat the chargers for thier first SB trophy. This week he has changed his mind by predicting THE SAINTS will take it all now. I'm not sure if that's a liss of death or what. It does cause me to be concerned when other teams see that and challoenge us. I predicyed all year the SAINTS would beat the Ravens BIG. Does not matter who they play. no offense will be able to keep up with the SIANTS if they can maintain this momentum.
01/09/2012 4:43PM
Could be...
This team has a LOT more work to do before anyone should consider them better than '09 team. '09 team dealt with adversity well, and very mentally tough. Not to mention the one constant...Lombardi. Get that second trophy current Saints, thenwe can talk. Until then, keep grinding! WHO DAT BABY!!!
01/19/2012 12:20PM
I want to bring you inside an NFL game on the sidelines.
give me a call,I'll go on the sidelines with you>> :-)
01/20/2012 10:15AM
LSU and Saints
Before LSU lost, the players were claiming that the 2011 team was the best team in HISTORY...REALLY? In the aftermath, seeing as they loss the big game, this obviously wasn't the case, as they put the 'cart before the horse'. In the aftermath of the Saints loss, the 2011 team wasn't as good as the 2009 team, because again, they failed to make it to and win the big game. No doubt the '11 team was good, but inconsistency showed them up.
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