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Kristian: Which Saints team was that?

Seattle leads the nation in depression.  It's a wonder, because their football team is reason alone to celebrate in the Pacific Northwest.  The Seahawks methodically dismantled the Saints on Monday night football 34-7.  New Orleans 10-0 run on the Monday Night stage was shattered.  The seven points from the offense was the lowest output in the Sean Payton/Drew Brees Era.  The Seattle defense also held the Saints offense to 188 total yards.  Want more troubling statistics?  The Saints have scored only one touchdown in their last nineteen offensive drives.  This beat down had little to do with the crowd noise at CenturyLink Stadium and little to do with the four and half hour plane ride to get there.  The humbling and eye opening loss had EVERYTHING to do with the better team on this night, on any night, and on any field... the Seattle Seahawks.

The Black and Gold are now 9 and 3 on the season and 3 and 3 on the road.  It doesn't get any easier from here, with a red hot Carolina Panthers team riding an 8 game winning streak coming to the Superdome this Sunday.  I was definitely in the Saints corner on this one, I thought and predicted New Orleans would beat Seattle.  I was dead wrong.  Seattle is by far the best team in the NFC and arguably the best team in the NFL. Their sparkling 11 and 1 record solidifies that argument.  The Saints could play the Seahawks 10 times in Seattle or New Orleans, and the result will be the same more often than not.  They might not get blown out, but they just don't match up well with Seattle home or away.

On a short week, the Saints would be wise to flush this one fast.  The Panthers have their sights set on the NFC South crown.  The Saints would be better served trying to clinch a playoff spot, preferably the second seed in the NFC, and hope another team can come to Seattle and beat the Seahawks in the postseason.  If you have seen the team that can do that in the NFL this season, please let me know. The Saints could go from vying for the top spot in the conference to fighting for a wild card berth in a matter of weeks if they don't fix an offense that has scored just 24 points in the last 8 quarters of play.

For the glass half full Who Dats still holding out hope the Saints can clinch the number one seed in the conference, well even if Seattle goes 2 and 2 in their final two games, they would own the tiebreaker over the Saints.  Sure it's possible, but not likely. For the delusional Saints fans forecasting a Seahawks collapse in the final four games, please don't kid yourself.  Did Seattle look like a team that might struggle?  The Saints still control their own destiny, and the Seahawks have embarrassed many a team at CenturyLink.  Sean Payton has often said, in every season "There is Crisis or Carnival." Which one are the Saints facing?  We'll know more in about three weeks.

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12/03/2013 2:20PM
Kristian: Which Saints team was that?
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12/03/2013 4:22PM
Dear Aliens
Please return our team to us.
12/03/2013 4:34PM
retro team
That team last night(offense) was like watching Danny Wuerful offense.
12/03/2013 4:44PM
I don't know where...
...our Saints went; but, we want them back. Last night was brutal. I agree with Kristian, the team needs to focus on the division. STAT.
12/03/2013 5:29PM
There's no fire in the belly
I don't understand where their fire is. The Saints seem listless - the team, the coaches. It's just confusing.
12/03/2013 6:22PM
Coaches know they have issues on offense, primarily o-line but are too professional to call them out. I can only hope they do so in private
12/03/2013 9:20PM
Where did you get the idea that Seattle leads the nation in depression? Actually Bloomberg did a study on the Unhappiest Cities and New Orleams ranks 3rd while Seattle ranks 20th.
12/04/2013 9:30AM
most depressed city?
Where did you see that Seattle is the most depressed city in America? I think the most depressed city is Memphis and Seattle is much much lower on that list.
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