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Kristian's Quick Hits: Loose Saints should win a tight game

High Spirits: 

The Saints look to be a loose team headed into tonight's Battle in Seattle, they've been here before ahead of a monster game with tons of potential ramifications on the line.  Don't misunderstand, by loose I mean confident and aware of what's in front of them.   By loose I also mean very respectful of the Seahawks that own the NFL's best record at 10 and 1.  The Saints have reason to be confident.  They match up with Seattle perhaps better than any other team in the NFL.  If there is a team that can go on the road and take down the Hawks and the 12th man, it's New Orleans.


The forecast for today calls for rain off and on all day, and cold temperatures in the 40's, falling into the during the game 30's.   The players say they've mentally and physically prepared for foul weather conditions and will not use that as an excuse if they lose.  The Saints are 2 and 6 when the game time temp is under 40 degrees (when the starters play).  They lost in 2009 at Carolina in the final game of the season, most of the starters rested that game.

Game plan: 

The Saints have to stop Marshawn Lynch, a physical runner that can absolutely take over a game if he gets going.  Lynch is having a monster season with 928 yards rushing and 9 TD's so far.  The biggest storm the Saints might face is the crowd noise.  They can't allow the Seahawks to get off to a fast start and work that crowd into frenzy even further.  More importantly, the Saint defense has to get off the field on 3rd down; an area they struggled with against the Falcons last week. 


I've gone back and forth on my pick this week.   In the end, I like the Saints to pull this one out.  They've been told all week that they can't, therefore they will.  This game has Sean Payton's edge written all over it.  I predict: 27-24 the Saints win and gain the inside track on the #1 seed in the playoffs.

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12/02/2013 10:09AM
Kristian's Quick Hits: Loose Saints should win a tight game
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12/02/2013 10:45AM
You got it Kristian!!
We have the best coach and that will make the difference.........look out Seahawks........ Besides, I was in Seattle earlier this year and I stood outside their stadium and personally put the GRIS GRIS on it.... Crunk 'em up!!! bigbaddave
12/02/2013 12:27PM
Thank you...
...previous poster...for the Gris~gris! Can't hurt; might help! Geaux Saints!
12/02/2013 12:58PM
Defense has to step up
Drew and the O will take care of business. The D will win or loose this game. If we can stop the run, we win.
12/02/2013 1:23PM
Mentor vs Pupil
I think Drew's experience in big time prime time will give us the edge in the end. D playing well is imperative. Running game needs to click. Basically we need a near perfect game in all 3 phases. I like being the underdog in this one. Saints pull away in the 4th. 27-17.
12/02/2013 2:26PM
Sounds like not many Saints fans...
Have paid attention to the Seahawks this year. That's fine, we'll welcome you to the frozen tundra tonight. Beware the swirling and driven sleet and snow which hides the hungry wolves waiting to feast on warm southern flesh, and don't forget the Beast, he has gotten a lot better since you last saw him and he's anxious to see you again! Go 'Hawks
12/02/2013 2:54PM
Defense go beast mode
Hit lynch first, hard and offen. He's bruised up and hurting in those legs. Few good licks and it's a lot of bench for him. Beast Mode D Beast mode.
12/02/2013 3:47PM
The Difference will be Coach Payton
I agree that if there is an edge it will be with Coach Payton. Along with Bill B., he is the best game planning coach in the NFL and in this challenging game and atmosphere I'll go with Sean Payton to find a way to scheme and motivate us to a win.
12/02/2013 6:40PM
Looking at these blogs and the local NO media
Funny seeing the saints fans huffing a puffing their little chants. They live in a bubble. Time for the Seahawks to deliver a big dose of reality!!
12/02/2013 9:48PM
The game is already over
Oh yeah... They STAY huffing and puffing 'round here. And to think that the local media tried to down play Seattle's defense.
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