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Kristian's Mon. Morn QB with Drew Brees: What happened??

0 and 3?  What was once inconceivable is now reality for the Saints after they fell in overtime to the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24.  The offense sputtered in the fourth quarter, and the defense had no answer for the Chiefs offense, allowing over 500 yards in the defeat. 

"They had a pretty clear plan, and we just weren't able to move the ball in the fourth quarter," Saints quarterback Drew Brees said during our WWL Monday Morning Quarterback interview. 

Listen to Brees:

The Saints have been in this spot before with Brees at QB.  In 2007, the Saints got off to a 0 and 4 start a season after making it to the NFC championship game.

"It's a new team, a new season, that was a long time ago.  We have to see what this team is made of," Brees explained.

Saints fans have grown so accustomed to an offense that just makes it look easy, but that just hasn't been the case for the Saints this season.  The offensive line is struggling to protect Brees, and that has made it easier to defend one of the leagues best passers.  Despite the turmoil and struggles of the young season, Brees is still confident the Saints will turn this thing around.

"We have great people,  we have a great scheme.  We have a way of doing things that is the right way.  If you do things the right way, good things will happen to you; and it might not be now or next week, but when it does turn look out." 

This week the Saints are traveling to one of the toughest road venues in the NFL as they visit Lambeau field and the Green Bay Packers.  The experts won't give the Saints much of a chance to win this week, but Brees says, "We don't have any other choice, we are going to play the game to the best of our ability." 

The Saints are searching for answers, but the reality of 0 and 3 has set in.  You are what your record says you are in the NFL and the Saints are 0 and 3, with the earmarks of a bad football team. 
Photo by Chris Bennett

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09/24/2012 10:10AM
Kristian's Mon. Morn QB with Drew Brees: What happened??
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09/24/2012 3:36PM
What I see...
I remember our championship season. Brees had the quickest release time of any QB in the league. Now, he holds the ball longer. That puts more pressure on the O-line to stave of the rush. What happened? We have the same recievers for the most part. Do they not know their assignments? Or maybe the other teams have watched enough tape to know what's coming by our formation. That means the playbook needs an overhaul. Well, God-ell got what he wanted: to destroy the Saints, the scariest team in the league last season. Face it: the NFL is about money and the fact is is that NFL, Inc. makes more money when a big-market team like Dallas or New York wins. They just didn't want another Saints SB win. So, they kicked the team in the nuts, cut off the head, and now they don't have to worry about a loss in revenue. When you consider the profit sharing motive, it isn't a stretch to consider that even some owners would rather see a big-market team win than their own. That's what sucks about the NFL; it's all about money. But then, what isn't these days. But, it makes guys like me ill and want to stop watching altogether. Maybe I'll spend my next ticket money on a PeeWee league match. Thank you, Roger Goodell and your whole dam family.
09/24/2012 4:44PM
"What I see" comments
The comments made by this fan are super valid. Yours is a fine analysis of the problems our beloved Saints are facing. As I said in an earlier comment, Drew seems very hesitant, which agrees with your comment that he holds the ball longer and the quick release time is missing. Unfortunately the money angle does, indeed, come into play. It certainly seems the Commissioner "had it in" for our cherished Saints, and his actions, which I believer to be WAY OVER THE TOP, certainly have had a crippling effect. easyel
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