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Kristian: Why Sean Payton isn't going to Dallas

With the news out today that Sean Payton is potentially a free agent after this year, or after the 2013 season, the national media is already whipping up the hype that Payton has his eyes set on Dallas.

OK, not surprising that they're trying to stir it up with a big stick.  That's what they do.  But here's why Sean Payton will stay in New Orleans:
1)  The contract clause in question was HIS idea.  The part of the contract that the NFL had issue with was that Payton would be free to walk if Mickey Loomis was fired, suspended, or otherwise kicked out of the organization.  That's a sign of just how much Payton wants to work with Loomis, a man who has been his professional partner for years.  Loomis will be back in the house long before Sean's suspension is over this February.

2)  Sean Payton has too much sweat equity…too much emotional equity in this market and this team.  Plus, this is HIS show…Mickey Loomis allows it to be.  In Dallas that would never be the case.
3)  Tony Who?  Drew Brees just signed a 5-year extension and will likely finish his career here at New Orleans. He's got a good chance to make a run at another ring for years to come.  So are you telling me that Sean Payton would want to leave his partnership with Drew Brees to work with Tony Romo?
4)  Yes, I know a lot has been made of Payton's ties with Dallas...But he's already addressed this.  He can afford to commute, and has said that he gets a lot of work done on the plane.
5)  Jerry's $$?  Even though Sean Payton is now on record saying he’s not going anywhere (Click HERE to read what Payton had to say,) some Who Dats are still fearful because Jerry Jones has “deep pockets.”  Well, so does Tom Benson!   And, in the past 10 years the Saints have one of the highest player payrolls in the NFL.  Tom Benson writes the checks.  In the last decade he’s never quibbled about spending money, if it makes his team better…and Sean Payton makes his team better.  Mr. Benson knows unequivocally now that his Saints team needs the leadership of Sean Payton as evidenced by their 2 & 5 start.  
6)  Mr. Benson will want the Commissioner to know that Goodell doesn’t run his team.  He’ll make Sean Payton the highest paid coach, because he deserves to be.
All in all, I just don't think Sean Payton has any intention of leaving New Orleans.  This was a move by the NFL to void his contract over a single clause that they thought gave Payton (and future coaches) unfair leverage.
I do question the timing of it all, coming out on the Sunday before a prime-time Monday night matchup between the Saints and Eagles.  The team has taken emotional hit after emotional hit for what seems like forever now…so has the Who Dat Nation.

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11/04/2012 12:11PM
Kristian: Why Sean Payton isn't going to Dallas
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11/04/2012 12:53PM
However, Jerry Jones would love to have Sean as his head coach. Look what he has now. I do not trust Roger Goodell any further than I could throw my house, so anything that is left up to that weasel's decision concerns . Mr. Benson 's hands are tied until the end of the season as far as Sean goes. So hopefully Sean will get a contract signed by the middle of February of 2013.
11/04/2012 1:02PM
Wonder why him being escorted out of the press box is not being reported more in nola?
11/04/2012 1:10PM
Who from what press box Bobby?
11/04/2012 1:35PM
Another run at a ring? You got to be kidding!
Not ever with the Aint defense. NO WAY ! FORGET ABOUT IT.
11/04/2012 2:28PM
Hope you are right.
This year there is so much drama and not enough good football. It seems every 3 months or so something else comes up. It is amazing such a small market team can generate such headlines. All I want for christmas is for the drama to end.
11/04/2012 3:33PM
Kristian: Why Sean Payton isn't going to Dallas
I really hope that if he stays he'll behave better than he has been behaving during his suspension. Not showing much character from what I've heard.
11/04/2012 3:53PM
Dont think he is going anywhere but .............????????? San Diego...hhmmmm???
I dont think Payton Is Leaving the Big Easy....But he is a HUGE ego maniac and San Diego might be looking.....And L.A's future team would LLLLLOVE him....Hollywood and rubbing elbows with the stars would fit his Egoperfectly....I dont think that will happen but .....wouldnt be surprised....
11/04/2012 6:39PM
Payton stays
Thank God Sean Payton is staying in New Orleans,LA and not end up in Dallas,TX!That's OUR Coach!
11/04/2012 7:21PM
When this kind of money is involved in business....
anything is possible....
11/04/2012 8:03PM
Agree 100%
I too question the timing of this so-called "story." It's the same exact story the media has been telling us about for a year - Payton interested in Dallas job. His response then was the same as it was today. Big game on Monday nightfootball and the NFL releases this irrelevant information. Why? If he wanted to leave the Saints, he would not have signed the extension. Give me a break.
11/04/2012 10:20PM
Thank you...
Thanks for expounding on the self-serving 'headliner' from ESPN. It sounded odd and now I know why...
11/04/2012 10:52PM
Hey Kristian, just like....
when you said Drew Brees would sign on a certain date and he didn't? Payton intends to remain a Saints. Betchah he intended to stay married to his wife to. Nick Saban once said he wasn't leaving Miami and where is he now? Money talks and Ican't hate on anyone that wants to cash in. Just don't tell everyone a person is loyal and commiteed to a team. This is sports, everyone is a mercenary
11/05/2012 7:14AM
Falcons 8-0-0
Aints 2-5-0
11/05/2012 7:22AM
Try 13-0
Kiss the ring whodat
11/05/2012 7:50AM
Sean Payton
11/05/2012 8:20AM
payton going
money talks
11/05/2012 9:41AM
Payton and Romo
Payton is the one instrumental in starting Romo as the QB of the Cowboys....
11/05/2012 1:37PM
Roger Godell can bite me
Go *%#@ yourself Roger and leave our saints alone.
11/05/2012 4:12PM
Hey 13-0
Two things Pal! You don't have a ring to kiss and you're not going to get it this year either.........The Saints will beat ATL twice and if we don't ATL will never beat SF for NFC title........no way! WHODAT
11/06/2012 11:18AM
If you work for Jerry Jones, just get used to him being around your neck!
Whoever is the next coach of the Cowboy's better make sure they can put up with Jerry's act.
12/23/2012 8:36PM
Because Jerry Jones and Tom Benson are not stupid
Ask yourself these questions in regards to Sean Payton: Would Jerry Jones hire a coach who can not speak to/recruit assistants, assess talent nor prepare for the draft until March 22? Would Tom Benson ask for early reinstatement for a coach not under contract? If you answer no to either of these questions then quit writing about Sean Payton coaching for the Cowboys.
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