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Kristian: What the Cajun Cannon is looking forward to in the KC game

I sat down with the Cajun Cannon following the final pre-game practice at Saints Training Camp.  Here is what Bobby said is what he is looking for in the Friday night game vs. Kansas City:
Looking for a good drive:  I’m just looking for a good 8, 9, 10 play drive, get into the end zone, and then sit them down. You know, you want to keep people healthy, and you want the Saints just to set the tone from the get-go.  Especially in that first quarter, when you see players on both sides of the ball that are healthy.  
Defense:  Can’t wait to look at the Chief's offense against the Saints defense.  Andy Reid is a lot like Sean Payton.  We take for granted how efficient we are in passing the ball...we were number one in passing last season.  Well, guess who was dead-last in passing last season?  The Chiefs. So, that WILL change under Andy Reid. He makes that much of a difference.  So, it will be interesting to see if our defense can get after the QB.
Who gets the playing time?  Realistically, all the young defensive ends.  You want to have Cam Jordan and Akiem  Hicks ready to roll in that first game against the Falcons, so a lot of those young DE's are going to get a chance.  There are four or five of them, when you look at the roster.  
I'd say on the offensive side, K-Rob, Khry Robinson.  He's like Chris Ivory Junior.  He'll run hard, and in wanting to keep the backs healthy, he could get 15 carries.  If the offensive line can give him a crease, he runs with a lot of power. 
3 things The Cannon is looking for:  
1.  The first unit, I'll be looking to whether they're in control of the game...that the O can sustain a drive, that the D can force a 3 and out. 
2.  Backup QB:  Who's going to back up Drew Brees?  It's an opportunity for Luke McCown, with Seneca Wallace sitting out with that groin pull. So, kind of looking at Griffin as a practice squad player. 
3.  Who's going to win in the trenches?  I know it's a preseason game, but are we going to be blocking or able to stop the run? That's something you have to build upon.  Looking at the defense, I’m looking to see whether they get the confidence. It all starts here, even though it's a preseason game...it's ultimately about stopping the run, stopping the QB, and setting the tone.  

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08/09/2013 12:38AM
Kristian: What the Cajun Cannon is looking forward to in the KC game
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