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Kristian: The Saints shouldn't be here

Didn't Drew Brees deserve a contract extension two years ago?  Why are we here?  Why are we waiting with baited breathe to find out if the Saints will be able to reach a long term contract agreement with Drew Brees before Monday's franchise tag designation deadline? 

Those are all questions I've asked my self over the last few weeks. 

Now Drew Brees holds all the cards in contract talks.  I'm certain not one Saints fan would have argued against giving Brees a huge extension in March of 2010 coming off the teams first ever Super Bowl title.  "I'm sure more people would support number 9 than would support (General Manager) Mickey Loomis and (Owner) Tom Benson,"  NFL network analyst Heath Evans said. 

The fact of the matter is that Saints fans shouldn't even be in this spot.  To be honest, Brees shouldn't be in this position.  Why wouldn't you extend this guy before being faced with a potential Doomsday scenario?

"When I was in Green Bay we wouldn't even let Brett Favre get to two years before we would extend his contract,"  ESPN Business analyst Andrew Brandt said of the puzzling Drew Brees contract talks with the Saints.  Brandt was in the front office with the Packers during Favre's time with Green Bay. 

Now, Saints fans are left wondering, stirring with emotion.  Fans are emotional, they should be.  This team means too much to this city.  Drew Brees means too much to the Saints.  Will the Saints be able to get it done before Monday?  It looks tight, but don't lose hope that a deal will be reached before then, and Saints won't be forced to use the franchise tag on Brees. 

Trust Mickey Loomis, and know that "cap friendly deals" are his specialty.  However, Saints fans shouldn't be in this spot.  More importantly Brees shouldn't be in this situation.  Pay the Dude! Period! 

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03/02/2012 7:23AM
Kristian: The Saints shouldn't be here
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03/02/2012 9:07AM
Mickey Loomis needs to check himself
Loomis making the comment that Bree's is not great is an absolute moronic thing to say. Last time I checked only great players make the hall of fame. Their are a lot of good players in the NFL but when a player sets the records he sets there is no argument that he is one of the best QBs to ever play the game. If the Saints can't get a deal done and use the franchise tag for someone else then you have to question the Saints management. There would be a line of teams ready to take Brees who has a good 5 years left in him. Loomis, catch a clue and get the deal done. He might need a lesson in finance.
03/02/2012 12:16PM
the entire process the saints handling of Drew is embarrassing to me as a Saint fan. The team should have overextended themselves to make sure this was done long ago and make Drew on of the top paid players in the league. As a fan since Saint conception,there is no price tag on what this man has brought to the city,team and all New Orleaneans.
03/02/2012 12:20PM
bree's offered contract before 2011
he was offered a new contract before 2011,said to be the highest paid player in nfl. brees turned it down. why? i agree pay the man...just makes you wonder what brees is thinking
03/02/2012 12:34PM
be carefull idiot
Loomis is an idiot period.....if he fs this up he will not be in new orleans much longer
03/02/2012 12:48PM
I am a very sad/disappointed original season ticket holder
I had more confidence in Mickey Loomis as a GM and certainly would have never thought we as a City and Saints fans would have to be put through this. GET THE DEAL DONE NOW! I am so upset that I am thinking about giving up my season tickets, which I have had since 1967, if we have to use the Franchise Tag on Drew. There is no reason for this! He is everything to the Team and the City. If Mickey Loomis and Tom Benson cannot see that, then I feel like we are going back to the old management days of the Saints (John Melcon days). PLEASE GET THIS DONE THIS WEEKEND!
03/02/2012 1:04PM
Without Drew there is no Saints team, pay the man!!!
03/02/2012 1:37PM
Is there any truth to the rumor that if the Saints place the franchise tag on Drew Brees; that the Cleveland Browns are prepared to offer the Saints three (3) number one draft picks and a long term deal making him the highest paid QB in the league? I suppose the Saints could turn around and sign Peyton Manning to a hometown discount with incentives in his contract for additional millions of dollars, should the Saints ever make it back to the Super Bowl.
03/02/2012 2:26PM
bad carma
03/02/2012 2:28PM
trade me
he should ask to be traded and move on since he is not appreciated.
03/02/2012 4:22PM
saints fan
deal must be made by sunday
03/03/2012 4:41PM
Are you out of your mind?
Do you realize what Drew Brees means to this city and to all of us. Not only is he a great player but he is also a role model as football player, and family man. And now with this terrible scandal swirling around the Saints, we need him more than ever. Mickey Loomis, whoever he is;is nuts. I wish I had the five million to give Drew Brees. He is pricelessl, and deserves more than the salaries of Tom Brady and Peyton Mannning combined. We will never again have a player of such talent AND such high moral character. More than ever we need someone like him to lift us out of this mess. Dont let him wait a minute longer, you idiots in the front office
03/06/2012 1:43PM
Well said...........
The person who sent in "Are you out of your mind?" couldn't have said it better!!! You executives in the front office screwed up big-time with the franchise tag on #9 - now we'll likely lose Nicks and Colston - Brilliant move!!!
03/06/2012 2:07PM
thin line
between playing hardball in negotiations, and blowing up a promising franchise, which road is Loomis going to take? Are you ready for the old Saints again? Not me!
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