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Kristian: The ''Payton Factor'' is quite real

The common question a year ago when the Saints got off to an 0 and 4 start was, "Would this be happening if Sean Payton was on the sidelines?" 

No one could answer it with any certainty, but most of us thought it wouldn’t have happened.   

I think the Falcons will now be the first to tell you that Sunday's game is proof positive that the "Payton Factor" is a very real force of nature.

Last season during his suspension, we saw a largely undisciplined football team that just didn’t have enough to win close games.  Sure they had a terrible defense, but Payton would have made a difference in two games last season.  We’ve already seen his impact in a week 1 win over the Falcons.  

Since arriving in New Orleans, Payton has shown a knack for calling the right play at the right time.  He always has his finger firmly on the pulse of the team, knowing just when to give them the carrot or the stick.  Several players are just more confident having him on the sideline and that goes a long way.   It’s a powerful element to winning when the coach can tell the players exactly how the game is going to unfold and what it’s going to take to get a W.  Payton did just that leading up to the Falcons game, showing them a statistic that 7 of the 10 games between Atlanta and New Orleans came down to the last possession.  Payton’s forecast came to fruition again.  

The "Payton Factor" is very real and very viable for the Saints in 2013.  Sure he doesn’t play the games, but he has a huge impact on preparing the team throughout the week.  The attention to detail for the Saints is the key to winning, and with Payton in control, those details, however slight will not be overlooked.  Plus, we've all seen The Stare. No player wants to be on the receiving end of that laser-eyed glare.

I’m sure they’ll be times that he won’t be able to win the game(s) by himself, but having him in the mix will prove the difference in 2013 for New Orleans.

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09/11/2013 11:28AM
Kristian: The ''Payton Factor'' is quite real
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09/11/2013 4:09PM
I agree 100 percent!
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