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Kristian: Sterling got what was coming, good riddance

Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling was smacked by a lifetime ban from NBA commissioner Adam Silver following his now infamous racial comments made public by TMZ.   Silver acted swiftly and fairly in dolling out the punishment for Sterling.  Silver also fined the Clippers owner $2.5 million dollars.  Not even close to big money for a man of Sterling’s wealth.

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I applaud the commissioner for acting decisively and appropriately.  There is no room from Sterling in the NBA; sports are supposed to be the great bridge in the racial gap.  All races should be unified through sports if they can’t find a common bond in any other place.   Sterling’s comments were disgusting and despicable, he got what he deserved, and some could argue he didn’t get enough.  

The NBA owners are now on the clock.  Legally, the commissioner can’t force Sterling to sell the Clippers, but three-quarters of the owners in agreement can.  I would suspect Sterling is nearing the end of the line as the Clippers owner.   NBA owners don’t want to be linked to a man that didn't want black people at "his games".  

Maybe Sterling can find another place to soil, but I’m glad to see him out of the NBA.  If it weren’t for the black athletes that he insulted, he wouldn’t be in the position to make several hundred million dollars he stands to make from an eventual sale of the Clippers after buying the team 30 years ago for a cool $12 million dollars.  

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04/29/2014 2:35PM
Kristian: Sterling got what was coming, good riddance
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04/29/2014 7:20PM
Will now be laughing to the bank on all the money he is making
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