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Kristian: Saints to use franchise tag on Graham

No surprise, but the Saints will use the franchise tag on Tight End Jimmy Graham before Monday's deadline, according to a league source.

It's expected Graham will file a greivance with the league about whether or not he should be tagged as a tight end or wide receiver, and the NFL will decide which tag will apply.


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02/28/2014 1:18PM
Kristian: Saints to use franchise tag on Graham
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02/28/2014 1:23PM
Happy Mardi Gras to All
Hope the NFL Tags him like a TE and end this nonsense.. :)
02/28/2014 3:52PM
you can't fix stupid
obviously loomis and payton have been sipping the same kool aid
02/28/2014 9:13PM
Can't somebody read?
He's been listed as a TE for what 3 years now.
03/05/2014 5:42PM
Keep Graham
Just remember where Jimmy Graham and Marquis Colston were in the draft. Just remember the history of Saint's #1 picks in the past........bust after bust after bust. Finally, what are we going to pay two 1st round draft picks anyway. I'd pay Jimmy Graham whatever he wants, forget about the first round and concentrate on analyzing good talent in the later rounds for less money. Those guys are the hungry ones.
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