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Kristian: Saints size up Senior Bowl talent

The Saints are well into their off-season plan at this point of the year. The coaching staff, scouts, and front office members are in Mobile, Alabama taking a peek at the top seniors in the country.  “It’s usually the best bowl game they have for seniors,” said Rick Reiprish, Director of College Scouting for the Saints.  Invited players from various schools around the country put their skills on display in front of the NFL world.  Reiprish says you can learn a lot from watching players during this week: “You learn about how a player goes about his business and handles the mental aspect of the game.”  The Senior Bowl is what turned the Saints on to DT John Jenkins last year.  The Saints grabbed Jenkins in the 3rd round of the draft last April, and he contributed quite a bit this season.

The NFL has announced that a record number of underclassmen will (98) enter the Draft in May.  That makes it a little more interesting on Draft day. “There are going to be good players in that 98, there are going to be average players and there are guys that are coming up for various reasons. There are going to be some good players in that group!” said Reiprish. Ultimately, underclassmen are tryring to get to the second NFL contract, because there isn’t a lot of difference between 1st round money and 4th round money under the Collective Bargaining agreement.

Perhaps the most critical process of the Senior Bowl week is the one-on-one interview with teams.  Some organizations place big emphasis on this facet of the scouting process.  Players will be asked a variety of questions, everything from football questions to questions about everyday life.  Teams are trying to learn everything they can about the players personality, demeanor, and work ethic along with their football I.Q.

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01/21/2014 10:08AM
Kristian: Saints size up Senior Bowl talent
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01/21/2014 6:42PM
Draft a center in the middle rounds.
Drew Brees is at his best when he can climb the pocket. That means a center with two guards that can push the pocket. Please draft a potential starting center in the middle rounds. Our current center got manhandled way to many times and got called for holding during potential game winning drives.
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