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Kristian: Saints should trade Chris Ivory

The Saints might have an interest in trading running back Chris Ivory to the New York Jets on or before the draft on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. 

"I think the Jets would like to give up a fifth round pick, and the Saints probably want a fourth rounder for him. I think this deal will happen on draft, it makes to much sense for both sides," Brian Costello of the New York Post said. 

So what is the proper or right compensation for Chris Ivory?  A fourth rounder? A fifth rounder? You can forget about getting a second or third round pick from the Jets. 

If you get the chance to trade Chris Ivory and recoup a draft pick; you should not only do it, but do it in a hurry.

"I trade him under any circumstance, if you can get any pick for Ivory I think you make the trade," the Voice of the Saints Jim Henderson said.

Here is why I think a 4th or 5th round pick is fair compensation for Ivory:  The Saints have 5 picks, and they need all the help they can get to retool the league's worst defense from a year ago.   Ivory is often injured, and history says he won't be available for every game.  He makes $2 million this season on a 1 year restricted free agent tender.  That's a lot of money to pay for a fourth running back on the roster.  If you don't trade him this year, he hits the open market as an unrestricted free agent next season, and the Saints will get nothing in return for him. 

The Saints found Ivory as an unrestricted rookie free agent a few years ago and can get value for him.  That's considered a win for most NFL teams.  Did I mention he's always hurt?  Plus, Ivory is kind of one-dimensional.  Yes, he's powerful and can get you the tough yards in short down and distances, but you can find another player like him later in the draft if you so desire.  They can also go back to the same place they found Ivory, as a rookie free agent.  Ivory doesn't help you in the passing game either.  He has just three career receptions in 24 games played. Ivory is a good player, but his value is clearly a fourth or fifth round pick.  The NFL has devalued the running back position, now that it has become a "pass first" offensive oriented game.

I expect a deal to go down on day three of the draft, and in all likely hood it will be a fourth rounder in exchange.  The Saints have some leverage over the Jets.  New York needs running backs, and the Saints can use that to their advantage.  However, the Jets can counter with, 'Yeah, but you can't afford to keep 5 running backs on the roster, one of which makes $2 million dollars this season.'   Don't think for a second the Jets won't use Ivory's injury concerns as leverage as well.  The fourth year running back has played in just 12 games in the last two seasons with the Saints. 

If you have the chance to trade him, you do it.  The compensation should be right at a fourth or fifth round pick.  Please stop suggesting the Saints should trade Mark Ingram in lieu of Ivory.  Ingram doesn't present value to another team.  Ivory does.  Ingram isn't the better player at this point, but in the Saints offense he's more valuable to them than Ivory. 

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(Photo by Chris Bennett)

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04/23/2013 9:20AM
Kristian: Saints should trade Chris Ivory
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04/23/2013 10:26AM
If I'm the Jets I offer a fifth rounder and that's it. There is a good chance he gets cut and if not he's a free agent next year
04/23/2013 12:23PM
Unless we get a three or four....show the Jets to the door.
Trade next years number 1 pick for a bottom of the 2nd round pick this year. If the Jets want to play, we give them Ivory and our number 3 pick from next year for their number 2 pick this year. I would rather have Ivory as insurance on the roster and not give him away to the Jets who have tried to low ball the Saints and set Ivory's market value. Remember the 2011 season when we were hurting for backs and had a chance to trade for Marshawn Lynch. We do not want the Jets going beast mode against the Saints by just giving them Ivory.
04/23/2013 12:24PM
Keep Ivory
Just like I thought, an Ingram lover. You made that loud and clear in the second part of your last sentence. You're assuming that Ingram WILL be a better player. He'll end up just another Heisman winner first round big time bust. Ivory is a decent RB, END OF SUBJECT
04/23/2013 12:53PM
They keep talking bout his injuries, Ingram has been injured just as much as Ivory and so has Pierre. The local media is missing the ball on this. Pass catching or not- Ivory is the better running back than Ingram. Their primary responsibility is running the football. Ingram can't- Ivory can. Last time I checked, Ingram wasn't some game-breaking pass catcher!! Bottom line, Get a 4th rounder for Ingram or keep him. He's te only RB on the team that runs with some Heart and by the way...averages 5.1 yards per carry...
04/23/2013 2:05PM
04/23/2013 2:24PM
What's a 5th rounder...another Corey White? HORRIBLE!!!
04/23/2013 3:07PM
Keep Chris Ivory!
Ivory is a SAINT! Let's keep him where he belongs!
04/23/2013 10:33PM
No pick for Ivory
Offer Ivory to New York in exchange for swapping #1 picks . . . would only move them down 6 spots in the draft, We get a better shot for a pass rusher in the first round (I like Mingo) - everyone wins, INCLUDING Chris Ivory who'll finally get that chance to play.
04/24/2013 5:36AM
Bad Move
What are they thinking. Ivory is a better runner than Ingram. Lets trade Ingram !!!
04/24/2013 12:59PM
Weak link
Darren is the mind Ivory is the body Pierre is the soul of the run game That leaves Ingram out correct?
04/28/2013 2:59AM
Will prove to be a wise decision
Meet back here after the season, compare notes and stats, I think this will prove to be a wise decision, ...by the production of the running game we keep, and by the value of what the Saints received for him. A few impressive games in a season when everything was so bad doesn't make him a superstar.
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