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Kristian: Saints and Brees getting closer and closer

Several media outlets are reporting that the Saints have presented a new contract offer to quarterback Drew Brees.  Well, that's welcome news, but it's similar to what I've been reporting all day, and earlier this morning.

The Saints have extended Drew Brees a new contract offer, and it's undetermined or unknown right now if that will sway Drew Brees into agreeing to terms on that long-term contract offer.  Right now, we're kind of in a holding pattern. 

In other words, now the Brees camp is considering the latest offer from the Saints.  They were previously at a $2 million dollar impasse, and I reported earlier that they were closer than that, and they've narrowed that margin down quite a bit. It's another sign that things are moving in a positive direction.

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06/07/2012 5:24PM
Kristian: Saints and Brees getting closer and closer
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06/08/2012 6:13AM
Sign the contract Brees!!!
People struggle around here all the time on $40,000 per year and you won't sign for $19 MILLION!!! Getting tired of all this 'contract' squabble BS with the pros. By the way, if you don't sign and sit out on 'principals'. WHERE else in this country will you make $19 million in ONE YEAR??? Not with your sandwich shop.
06/08/2012 9:40AM
Top league pay for top league play.
I really hate to hear people say negative and jealous things about athletes holding out on signing million dollar contracts. Fools like that are typical of today’s American sports fans if they only knew anything about economics or paid attention in school they would know. You’re only worth what someone else is willing to pay you for your services its American Capitalism. For example if you make sandwiches and you’re let’s say one of maybe thirty people in the world that can make a dam good sandwich, now wouldn’t you think you can demand just about any amount of money you want from thirty or so billionaires who are bidding for your services to be their personal sandwich maker. So don’t hate on Drew Brees the guy got shafted when at San Diego and made a comeback and turned around the New Orleans Saints and won a Super bowl. He should get what he deserve top league pay for top league play.
06/08/2012 6:54PM
RE: Top League pay for top league play
Excellent analogy! Another point to be made is Brees has an amazing all time record, PERIOD! Nuff said....
06/08/2012 8:13PM
Mike Buck
06/08/2012 8:19PM
Drew worth more than what any money can buy
It's true, Ive always hated these pro atheletes for being so selfish, but let's be realistic. What this man has done for New Orleans and the gulf coast you can't put a price on it's priceless. I do wish he would go ahead and sign for the 19 million thats being reported. The whole team now needs him more than ever with what's happened over the offseason. Please Drew lets get on a positive note and win the Superbowl this year.
06/10/2012 6:19AM
Drew Brees
The New Orleans Saints Have Been In The NFL Since 1967. Drew Brees Is By Far The Best QB The Saints Ever Had. If They Have Any Hope Of Getting Back To The Superbowl, Brees Is There Best Chance. Quit Messing Around With Man And Sign Him. He Is Worth EveryBit Of Money He Is Asking. A Loyal Saints Fan Since 1967
06/10/2012 7:02PM
21 million
Pay it
06/10/2012 9:41PM
Still holding our breath!!!!!!!!
A Brees will blow when the pen actually hits the paper. It will be all of us (the Fans)letting it out all at once. Only then can we put the damage of the off season behind us, look forward with our Knight leading warriors into battle and win. Remember this is Football. We got unjustly punished for playing the game the way it was intended to be played. Now, we must win!!! Only Brees can give us that chance. Pay him!!!!!!!
06/11/2012 8:37AM
Now what?
Mr. Garic, In your blog from last Thursday, you stated you felt Drew would sign Friday or "...Monday at the latest". What is your position NOW? ellsbells
06/11/2012 9:26AM
Now what the heck is his excuse? Instead of continuing to be ignorant and posting the usual "pay the man", maybe you all need to make a post that tell Brees to "sign the @$%# contract" and get to work. Because now the ball (or pen) is in his court. And, yes cute sandwich maker analogy, but when he's offered the highest salary and he's still sitting around moping; us 40-hour a week working fans really don't have a lot of sympathy for him.
06/11/2012 11:12AM
Brees is milking it for all it's worth
Brees is stalling again, because he can. He has until sometime in July to actually make the hard decision. String it out to the last minute to be sure he has the team in the corner. I remember he said he was here in New Orleans because of destiny. It appears Destiny is only in effect if he get's his cry baby money.
06/11/2012 11:34AM
Hey Drew, I will drive from Abita Springs to your front Door and personally hand you a Pen .... Sign the Contract now !!
06/11/2012 12:13PM
Drew,you say espn has all the numbers wrong with your contract,well then tell us what the offer really is so we can make our own decision on whether your are being greedy or are the saints not being fair.I feel like you are being greedy since you are being so secretive about the amounts.If they pay you to much we have no shot at keeping a winning team on the field.You cant do it all by yourself
06/11/2012 1:25PM
Must be nice...
I just find it irritating b/c he's mad about not getting 20 million a year while I'm sad that I can't even afford to go to a Saints game anymore.
06/11/2012 1:33PM
5 yr 100 mil
get him a 5 yr 100 million dollar deal and lets move on
06/11/2012 3:00PM
Drew is worth it but if it is close just sign the contract so you can get on. I am sure the contract is good no matter what it is. GO SAINTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/11/2012 4:50PM
Rod in Sacramento
Time to sign, Drew, you are the best Saints player in the history of the Saints. This offer makes you the highest paid Saint and the best paid QB. Saints fans love you. All us fans want this done. Saints made offer you either accept or make a counter offer. Let's just get it done.
06/12/2012 8:17AM
Sign the Contract Drew
Come on man, sign this huge contract. Be the highest pay player but please don't mess up the Saints salary cap for the next few years. Also please don't make other player have to renegotiate a lower salary just so you can get more bucks. What ever happened to "team player". Your the top man. Set the example of team player. Unless of course it is only about the money. Enough is Enough.
06/12/2012 8:22AM
I have always had respect for Drew, but I am beginning to see he is getting a little cocky and self centered. We , the average Joe blow are having a hard time making a living and he is holding out over a million or less. His character is getting a little tarnished to me. Wake up and sign the contract and quit putting all the fans through this. Quit being so self centered.
06/12/2012 8:32AM
It Should Have Never Gotten This Far
It seems to me that the NFL is dead set against the Saints becoming the first team to play in the Super Bowl on their home turf with the whole "Bountygate" ordeal. The fact that the Saints let Drew Brees get this far without signing him to another long-term deal still blows my mind. I mean, did Loomis and Co. just get lazy, or were they absent minded about the whole matter? I know Drew wants a lot of money, and it's definitely well deserved. On the same token, though, shouldn't he be more willing to work with the team and try to be more cap friendly? It's not hard to see the Saints signed a lot of talent this offseason, which probably even more restricted the limited cap space we had in the first place. However, Brees should have never gotten this far into the year without being signed to a contract. I'm starting to wonder if Brees is merely holding out just to make the management suffer because of their lack of communication and effort on their part. I have no doubt Drew will be under center come regular season, but the longer he waits, the more morale drops. The only plus side to this is that Chase Daniel is getting more reps, but he's stil a few years away from being a starting quarterback. Nothing against the guy, but he's going to have to wait his turn, if he stays that long in N.O. Bottom line, both sides need to get it in gear, and get this deal done!
06/12/2012 12:07PM
Drew Brees Contract
Gotit from most reliable source that Drew wants 20 mil but the impasse is in guaranteed $$. Benson is a used car salesman who won't negotiate and Brees and camp report he'll play this year under Franchise tag to not let NO fans down but will DEF. walk after that. You heard it.
06/12/2012 9:19PM
What will Drew, do?
I believe Drew Brees will do what's right for his Family, his team, his city, and his fans. That said, I think we all believe we will be headed for another SB win here in New Orleans with Drew leading this team. Without him, well it would be another year with everyone saying, "same old Saints", and "wait until next year"... Drew will sign, and we will all WIN!!!
06/13/2012 4:16PM
You have to laugh at these posters calling Brees a crybaby and Greedy when all they can do is cry and complain that he makes too much. Why don't y'all become QB of the Saints, nows your chance to get back at Brees and steal his job, then you won't have anything to cry and complain about....
06/14/2012 8:46AM
What if
What if Brees gets hurt the first thing and the saints will be holding the bag for five years,I hope not.
06/14/2012 10:18AM
i find it funny how all you people are getting on drew, before drew we had agv teams, now we are contenders, oh yeah, how about the times drew took money out of his pocket to get player and people to come to new orleans, wake up people a player like drew comes around once in our lifetime, he is the best qb the saints have ever had, and he he has done everything he could to premote new orleans, so get off his back, my personal feelings if i were him, i WOULD NOT sign, the saints should have taken care of this right after the season was over, but no, like the saints of old, they feel they can do it when they need to.
06/14/2012 12:04PM
Rod in Sacramento
It's past Friday and Monday. No signing yet. I think the better shot would be to say within a month, Drew should be signed and ready to go. It better be.
06/14/2012 9:05PM
Silences from Brees
Why the silence. ESPN indicates he is holding out for other reason. Waiting for other things outside of the Saints to fall in place. I hope not. WE gave him a chance like no other team would. He has earned his money but not a ridiculous amount that impairs us from signing others over the next few years. Or forcing some of our current players to take pay cuts. There has got to be other reasons he is holding out and not signing. For those that sign "sign him at any cost", Please do not forget those most important two words "SALARY CAP".
06/15/2012 9:36PM
We want Drew
Drew I love you and am thrilled with all that you have done for our city on and off the field. I have purchased my season tickets with or without you as I always have. But I would really LOVE for you to be on board!! Our team would be so much worse off without you!
06/16/2012 7:15PM
Let brees get what he can he has worked for it. You the public would want top dollar for what ever it is you do. So get the money brees I'm behind you 100%
07/01/2012 4:30PM
Good article from Yardbarker.com It seems Drew Brees may not be making any friends in NFL circles these days. The bounty controversy and Brees trying to diffuse tension about it has taken a back seat to his franchise tag. The New Orleans Saints have made two separate long term contract offers that would make Brees the highest paid player in the NFL. However, Brees has turned down both offers, and thus alienating himself from other franchised players. Wes Welker, Ray Rice, and Matt Forte are some names battling with their clubs for long term contracts. While they are forced to adhere to the franchise tag and be forced to play under a one year deal, Brees has already turned down two offers, and he’s developing a “Golden Boy” image. The face of the Saints franchise, he’s the most important piece with the suspension of head coach Sean Payton, Brees is the defacto leader. Is Brees exploiting the Saints weak position? Is it a smart tactical move, or is Brees getting greedy? One can say you can’t get higher than the highest paid player so what’s his beef? Whatever it is, he’s not making any friends, one franchise player stated: “Nothing against Drew, but he’s kind of become (the union's) fair-haired boy.” The agent for another franchise player said the NFLPA has been treating Brees, “like some kind of a Messiah or something.” Brees is starting to get the wrong type of attention, an entitled player who has the NFLPA behind him to get a deal done for him. The other franchised players are starting to wonder. “What about us?”
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