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Kristian: Saints-Texans as close to a real game as we'll see in preseason

Relatively healthy?  Good to see that Marques Colston has been back at 3 out of the 4 last practices, and OL Jahri Evans was also at practice today.  Mind you, we don't know how full their participation was, because unlike training camp, we're not allowed to watch the entirety of the practices, whether indoors or out.  We can watch certain portions or practice, but not the team portion, so it’s hard to gauge how much a player participates.  NFL rules don’t require coaches to list a participation report during the preseason. But, still, it's a good sign that the team is getting healthier.

Up next:  Tomorrow is a bit more than a walk-through, but not a full contact practice.  The team will travel on Saturday, and then on Sunday, Payton says the starters will all play at least a full half.  I also expect that one group from the offense or defense will play a little into the second half, depending upon who gets how many snaps in the first half.

The real deal:  This will be the closest in the preseason you'll get to a real game, and while the score doesn't count in the preseason you really want to see the Saints be competitive in the first half.  You're going up against a quality opponent, and this is a really loud stadium (though, not as loud as the Superdome.)  Plus, it's on a Sunday, which gives it even more of a real-game-feel to it.  I can't wait. 

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08/22/2013 4:11PM
Kristian: Saints-Texas as close to a real game as we'll see in preseason
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08/22/2013 9:59PM
This year's AFC runner ups
Texans will win
08/23/2013 7:23AM
Thank you keep up the good work pmc
08/23/2013 8:40AM
Saints will win! WHODAT!
08/23/2013 9:06AM
sundays game
the only thing the texans will win is the coin toss
08/23/2013 5:34PM
Game on
Hou Dat!
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