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Kristian: Saints-Brees getting ugly?

Had to get this out:  Do we really think this is going to get ugly?  Then again, who thought it was going to go this far, with the Saints franchise quarterback going public about his contract dispute with the team.  

Well, it won't get ugly.  There is too much respect from both sides.  However, it's reached a critical point.  Clearly the best quarterback in the NFL (yep I said it) wants to be taken care of.  

What about the team?  What about that fluer de lis?  What about what's best for the organization? Doesn't that have to be considered?  Yes, indeed.  Can't we make both parties happy? No doubt about it, we can.
Just about every member of the who dat nation is in Brees's corner.  If you are, I only caution: you're cheering for laundry.  You understand that right?  The players come and go, and the team will be here forever.  (Well at least through 2025.)  I know what Drew means to this city, region and organization.  I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it.  I'm just saying I feel for the Saints and General Manager Mickey Loomis.  How do you put a price tag on Drew Brees?  Super Bowl MVP!  The best player on your team?  A team ambassador!  A leader.  The best Quarterback in the NFL.  What's the price?  

If that's the problem, or the question, then it's a tough one to answer.  That's what Loomis and company have to decide, all the while doing what's best for the TEAM!  

Tough spot right?  The truth is, it's just another day at the office for Loomis.  Want to be an NFL GM?  It will get done.  Team, team, team!  

That's where I come from.  You?

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05/18/2012 4:06PM
Kristian: Saints-Brees getting ugly?
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05/18/2012 4:26PM
Something is not right
It was reported that Drew was offered a deal that would have made him the highest paid player in the NFL in 2011 and he rejected it. There are reports that say the Saints are offering $19 million, but Drew wants $21 million. If that is true, they're only $2 million apart. Why can't he play for the $19 million? Is this deal really about money or is Drew after something else from the Saints? I don't understand why this deal has not gotten finalized yet, but I will believe that this deal will get done. If the deal isn't done by training camp, then we have something to worry about. Until then, everyone needs to remain calm and patient
05/18/2012 8:17PM
Put up or shut up Loomis and Benson.
Put up or shut up Loomis and Benson. You played the PR game right after you purchased the Hornets. Open letter to Mickey Loomis and Tom Benson: Loyal Saints fans have filled the Dome since its inception. Sure, for some games, the last 300 tickets sold were usually last minute during the lean years, but the house was always packed no matter what. It did not matter who was in the uniforms, we cheered for them, anyway. Even when fans were protesting ownership and management by wearing bags, we, the Saints fans, still came. Mr. Benson, the concept, from days long gone by of you making money, and not caring what product you put on the field are a distant memory to all Saints fans. When it is time for Drew Brees to retire and the team has to transition into rebuilding, we, the Saints fans can accept that kind of transition. We, the Saints fans, want you to sign Drew Brews, now. And yes, Mr. Loomis, he is bigger than the team, the Saints organization, the owner, and of course, you, sir. Do not under estimate the level of the fans' patience. For a lot of the Saints' Nation, we follow Mr. Brees. If it is true, that you, did not inform the players and coaches about bounty warnings, then you, sir, should be grateful, you are still employed. Now, sign Drew, now. The pitch forks and torches are waiting in the wings to run you right out of town.
05/20/2012 2:33PM
I'm not saying I believe in voodoo, but....
There is a black cloud over our team and in order to change the karma we need to sign our leader. Everyone should be burning black & gold candles.
05/21/2012 12:20AM
Over 100,000 fans protest at Saints Dr.
Future Headline coming soon!
05/21/2012 2:11PM
Whodat Nation Riot
If Drew is not signed by training camp, there will be repercussions from the "whodat nation" Mr. Loomis and Mr. Benson. And you can take that to the bank!!
05/23/2012 12:08PM
Rod in Sacramento
Clearly there needs to be compromise. One side needs to start. Don't let pride get in the way. Once one side moves the other has to as well. That's what compromise is. Alternate in fair way, until the deal is done.
05/25/2012 6:51PM
Saints Pep Rally
Saints Pep Rally. Saints Pep Rally. As a fan base, and for those fans that are local, we need to act soon. A statement has to be made directly to Mr. Benson. New Orleans and its fans put on the biggest post Super Bowl celebration that the NFL has ever seen. The Super Bowl party continued during the entire off season. It is time to show Mr. Benson that same kind of spirit, once again. At this point, talk is cheap. Action is now required. I am asking on many forums, for the local Saints fans to prepare for a Saints Pep Rally. About 50,000 fans should send the message. On a given Friday, at 6 pm central time, right as the NFL network is about to air NFL’s Total Access, and before the July 16 deadline to sign Drew to a long term contract has come and gone, the 50,000 strong Saints Pep Rally should take place at the Saints training facility. The theme will be simple. PAY DREW BREES! SIGN DREW NOW! Saints fans, we can not put Drew in a position to accept a one year contract, because of the love he has for our city and fan base. We need to back him, now. I want him happy and focused on the upcoming season. I want him to know, that we appreciate what he has done for the region, and simply put, we have his back. To all Saints fans, feel free to post this idea in any forum you desire and begin organizing with your friends to pick a Friday date, soon.
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