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Kristian Quick Hits: Saints badly need a win

Injury update: 

Saints Quarterback Drew Brees was officially listed on the injury report to start the week of practice (ankle) but took every rep and said he's feeling good.  Defensive back Johnny Patrick (thigh) returned to practice.  Wide receiver Devery Henderson was also back at full speed after sustaining a concussion in week 1.  "I'm good, I had a good practice today, and everything is all right," Henderson said.  Saints coach Aaron Kromer is glad to have his deep threat back on the field, "He has speed, he blocks, he's physical, he can catch the ball... it's going to be a big impact having him back." DE Turk McBride (ankle), LB Jonathan Casillas (knee) did not practice.  WR Marques Colston (foot) was limited in practice. 
No panic in Saints: 

Despite starting the season 0 and 2 for the first time since the 2007 season, the Saints are not freaking out and changing their approach or pointing fingers.  "Stay the course," Drew Brees reiterated.  "As much as we would want to go out and try to win 14 games in one week, we can't.  We can only win one game."  It starts this Sunday against the likewise 0 and 2 Chiefs.  The Saints are almost taking the approach as if they were 2 and 0... in the sense they can't look past the next game. 

24 games!?!: 

Coach Aaron Kromer is preaching turnovers and protecting the football this week.  The Saints have turned it over 4 times this season, while forcing 0 turnovers.  The Chiefs have given the football up 6 times and also have not forced a turnover.  It's the number one stat in football right?  How about getting some interceptions from the Saints safeties?  Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins have not picked off an opposing quarterback since December 12th 2010, that's a span of 24 games (post-season included).  It was a stat that was a bit puzzling for Roman Harper. "Hmm, That's a great stat, who are you telling?  I see all these guys getting picks, I want one too.  It's been a while," Harper said.  Yeah, it's been a while, a loooong while. 

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09/20/2012 7:59AM
Kristian Quick Hits: Saints badly need a win
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09/20/2012 8:53AM
Blah Blah Blah
Enough of the 'Coach speak' already. The Saints offense will be fine, they're just hurried and out of sync so far...WHY?? Because our D-line is being pushed around like a bunch of punks, a secondary which, with any other NFL team, would be practice squad material at best, and linebackers like Casillas and Shanle that should be sitting in the stands, not on the field. Saints have been awful evaluating D talent for many years now...Harper, Jenkins, Jordan, even Will Smith...We pay these guys too much for mediocrity. Personally, I feel sorry for Spags..
09/20/2012 9:46AM
Changes needed
D line and cover backs not making any plays. Spags need to realize that this has been happening for all last season as well. Insanity, doing same thing over and over expecting different results,! Bench the slackers Ellis,Harper,smith, and put a fire in them.
09/20/2012 10:31AM
Payton's Message to the Team & Coaches
"DO YOUR JOB !" That's all everyone on the team & coaching staff needs to do ... end of story !
09/20/2012 9:47PM
The Chiefs are ultra garbage
If we lose this one, seriously we will be in deep, deep $#!T
09/22/2012 1:30PM
If I didn't meet expectations at my job, I'd be fired. Who put players on that all mighty pedestal that says they don't have to perform to get paid or keep their job ? I guess it must be nice to not perform and make millions.
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