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Kristian: Patriots CB Malcolm Butler to visit Saints

The Saints will host a free agent visit on Thursday with veteran cornerback Malcolm Butler, who is currently a restricted free agent with the New England Patriots.  Butler has yet to sign his restricted free agent tender with New England.  The Patriots tendered him at first round compensation level, which means if the Saints sign him to an offer sheet, New England would have five days to match that offer, or accept the Saints No.11 overall pick in return.  The Saints and Patriots could also work out their own compensation as well, maybe a second round pick.

Butler is widely considered to be a top 10 cornerback and would be a really good compliment to Delvin Breaux in the secondary.  The Saints have targeted CB as a primary area of need since the off-season began, and have tried to get Butler away from New England for over a week now via the Brandin Cooks trade.  Is he worth a No. 11 overall pick? I would say yes for sure.  A rookie that you draft is an unknown; you're hoping he works out.  With Butler, you know what you're getting so I would be fine with the Saints giving up a first rounder for him

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03/14/2017 11:30AM
Kristian: Patriots CB Malcolm Butler to visit Saints
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03/14/2017 11:39AM
Why can't we give the 32nd pick
03/14/2017 11:40AM
are you nuts?
The ONLY way I would take Butler st this point is if he's grandfathered into the trade. Talk about letting the Pats shaft us! Gimme a break!
03/14/2017 11:41AM
Bring it on he would be a great addition.
03/14/2017 11:48AM
We need to use draft to what we need The Patriots have already shafted us think if want let him we don't need him.
03/14/2017 11:52AM
Malcolm Butler
Why can't we give our 32nd pick instead of the 11th?
03/14/2017 11:53AM
Why can't the saints give back the #32 first round pick that they gave us for cooks ?? Was this the plan all along since butler is RFA ?
03/14/2017 11:58AM
We will sign him,and negotiate to give them 32nd pick and prob. Our 3rd rd pick.
03/14/2017 11:58AM
Higher pic
By rule, it would have to be the higher of the two first round pics.
03/14/2017 12:02PM
The Plan!
This was their plan from the beginning! This way it's easier for the fans to accept it. The Patriots front office staff know what they're doing that's why they win so many Superbowls!
03/14/2017 12:32PM
Giving it away
Unless it's the 32 pick. I don't see it being good. Let's keep strapping ourselves with salary cap issues. We are soon forgetting Byrd.
03/14/2017 1:46PM
Saints lose
Patriots win, Patriots win!!!
03/14/2017 1:48PM
Fire Mickey Loomis
Why do we want him anyway. He's going to want way too much money. Not too mention the number 11 pick. We have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. It's time to draft in the DBs. Corner and safety, DE is not a real need. We need to create depth and competition in the secondary. If we stay healthy the defense is solid everywhere else.
03/14/2017 1:49PM
Best drafters in the biz
We will give them both first, our second,our third and all next three drafts probably knowing the saints
03/14/2017 3:08PM
Butler trade
Sign him to a long term deal then trade him to unemployment for Jason David
03/14/2017 4:25PM
Possible Butler signing
Flawed decision making by coach and GM. It will be another 7-9 season!
03/15/2017 10:19AM
Don't get fooled by Belichick
If they are that foolish to sign Butler and lose a first rounder,I will cancel NFL league pass and stop watching the Saints until they get real management to run the Saints and Pelicans.
03/15/2017 5:21PM
Saints Will sign butler
03/15/2017 8:29PM
The cook trade
Everyone seems to have forgotten that the have a habit of giving away game changers for has beens. This won't change until we have ownership. 6&10 if were lucky!
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