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Kristian: No movement for Carl Nicks and the Saints

With ''Pay for Performance'' and ''Drew Brees watch'' going on, I reached out to Saints offensive lineman Carl Nicks about progress in his contract negotiations with the Saints. 

Nicks told me that there has been no movement between him and the Black and Gold

The standout guard said, ''At this point I'm just waiting for the 13th,'' the starting date of free agency.

I asked him if he was still hopeful he would return to New Orleans. ''I really don't know,'' Nicks replied.

That's not necessarily the best of news regarding a possible long-term deal with the Saints.  The Saints and Nick's agent had one conversation early last week but none since then, according to the pro-bowl guard. 

Nicks is likely going to command top dollar, in excess of $56 million over the course five or six seasons. 

It's looking more and more likely that the market for Nicks might make it difficult for the Saints to retain him.  However, it's still possible that he will remain with the Black and Gold, given General Manager Mickey Loomis and his salary cap wizardry. 


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03/07/2012 1:07PM
Kristian: No movement for Carl Nicks and the Saints
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03/07/2012 3:44PM
Carl Nicks & Brees
I honestly dont see Mickey being a good GM with all of this going on. I am truly a die hard saints fan but just like anyone else when you have a poor GM that waits till the last minute to get anything has justified his judgement. Why wait till the last minute? It makes no sense and maybe we should be looking at replacing him. Mickey has never impressed me, he got a lot of hype from signing Brees but if you look at the entire picture Brees couldve gone anywhere he wanted Miami is one of them. Brees came to the Saints because he wanted to.
03/07/2012 3:45PM
Brees & Drew
Brees nor Drew will get signed
03/07/2012 3:46PM
Nicks & Drew
Nicks nor Drew will get signed I meant
03/07/2012 3:50PM
Saints fan in Sacramento
If you believe in Drew Brees long term. Then you have to protect him and that means you have to sign Carl Nicks. You certainly can not let go for free agency to another team like the cowboys. As far as the bounty problems. A lot of people are condemning the Saints. Let me quote my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, "Let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone". Have mercy on the team I love. Our New Orleans Saints.
03/07/2012 3:55PM
Why the cold shoulder?
I understand that the business side of football can get ugly. I also understand that the Saints have always liked to keep their cards close to their chest. But it really seems like they could do a better job at letting the FA's know what's on their mind. Nicks says that he has no idea of the Saints intentions and that he's just waiting until the 13th so that he can begin the process of talking to other teams. It sounds like (in his mind) he's already gone. And if he never gets any kinda of contact from the front office and walks out the door to another team it seems to me he might be pretty bitter about the situation. If he's bitter about the situation he might hold grudge. If he holds a grudge he might tell his new team the secrets and tendencies of Drew and our offense. Don't tell your new team the secrets and tendencies of Drew and our offense (a little DIRECTV joke). Anyway you get my point. Any opinions?
03/07/2012 5:11PM
Totally Unbelievable-----
SAINTS Management - Look at Carl Nicks response!!!! Can’t you see his comment as the Harbinger of a DOWNWARD SPIRAL for this whole Football Team!!! – A month ago Saints fans were chomping at the Bit to get the 2012 / 2013 Season started with “Starry Eyes” pointed at the “Greatest of all Super Bowls”!! Instead it is time to Dust Off the paper bags adding tears of disappointment to what should have been a Fantastic Season!!! Unless Saints Management gets off their Rear Ends and takes serious control of the whole situation we can look at the first of several losing seasons – MR. BENSON – PLEASE….WOULD YOU HANDLE YOUR CAR FRANCHISES LIKE THIS????
03/10/2012 1:39PM
Let M. Loomis do his job, Mr. benson has trust in him so let him complete his plans. the main project is not to let Drew get away at any cost...nicks is good but he can be replaced, We have lost good players before and look how well we have played.....GOSAINTS GO....WHO DAT
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