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Kristian:NCAA should stay out of Penn State investigation

Kristian@wwl.com -  The ''death penalty.''  It's the harshest punishment the NCAA can hand down for rules violations.  There have been 5 schools that have received the death penalty in college sports.  Kentucky basketball received the death penalty for a points shaving violation.  Southern Methodist University's football program was given the death penalty for cash rewards to players.  University of Southwestern Louisiana Basketball received the death penalty for academic fraud and recruiting violation.  Morehouse College had their Soccer program shut down by the NCAA for having ineligible players, and MacMurray College's tennis program was handed the death penalty for offering scholarships to players in foreign countries.  However, Div III programs can't offer scholarships.  

All the infractions committed by the above-mentioned schools were in violation of NCAA rules, and were not criminal.  This is a criminal matter, not an NCAA matter.   Should innocent people in the community pay for the concealment of a crime by a coach, athletic director, and a university president?  No!  

If you are a business owner three miles off campus that thrives off Penn State football on Saturday afternoons at Beaver stadium, you couldn't possibly be in favor of the death Penalty.  If a team recruits illegal players or commits academic fraud to maintain a players' eligibility, you are gaining  competitive advantage.   The NCAA governs sports...NOT federal, state, and municipal laws.  Penn State didn't gain a competitive advantage with the concealment of Jerry Sandusky's heinous crimes.  What if you were a high school Senior that just graduated, headed to Penn State this fall to play football?  Should you pay the price for something that happened at the school before you even committed to attend?  Especially if you didn't have anything to do with it?  The kids currently on the team shouldn't pay just because the administrators didn't have the moral compass pointed in the right direction.  

I'm not making the case for Penn State, or for Jerry Sandusky.  I'm making the case for the football players, community business owners, the interns, the coaches, and other support staffers that had nothing to do with raping boys.  Sandusky is getting what he deserves, and I am sure he'll get even worse in prison.  Paterno is dead, his legacy forever tainted and perhaps ruined.  The President and A.D could be facing criminal charges.  The NCAA should tread carefully here before they execute a football program, because they could execute a community in the process.  It's not their place to enforce the law, but to maintain competitive integrity within the playing fields of collegiate athletics.  

Joe Paterno's statue should be taken down, and his name removed from the Library.  The Death Penalty would only serve to make things worse in Happy Valley.  As we've witnessed in New Orleans, football has  a way of healing communities.  Give Penn State a chance to heal through the same game.  

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07/18/2012 2:56PM
Kristian:NCAA should stay out of Penn State investigation
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07/18/2012 3:49PM
Respectfully disagree
I disagree with the the fact that innocent people pay... innocent people always pay when there are crimes by others, so that's no reason. But, I do agree that the death penalty is something that the University and the fans will ultimately determine if the NCAA stays out of it. If there is an NCAA violation then the NCAA must take action and the innocent players and fans will have to seek other avenues at other schools. That's life.
07/18/2012 4:30PM
New Orleans? Seriously???
In light of the Saints bounty scandal, I really don't think it is a good example of the healing power of football. In fact, it makes me want to see the NCAA give PSU football the death penalty.
07/18/2012 6:04PM
There was a competitive advantage
I disagree that Penn State didn't gain a competitive advantage by covering up Sandusky's actions. What was the reason given for the cover up? To avoid negative press and public perception. Why would they participate in such a horrific plan just to avoid negative press and public perception? Because that would directly lead to decreased donations to the school and decreased interest in potential players wanting to play there. Not to mention that other schools competing for the same recruits would use it against them. THAT is where the competitive advantage came from. Not so much from bettering themselves on the field, but from eliminating the damage.
07/18/2012 6:09PM
I feel for the collateral damage, but....
If the NCAA hands out the death penalty for the PSU football program, even if only for a year or two, there will be collateral damage for the local businesses that rely on the football team to make a living. But you cannot allow that to cloud your vision from doing what is right. The NCAA can help the players by allowing them to transfer without losing any eligibility, and even giving them an extra year of eligibility. As for the local businesses that rely on football, it would be terribly tragic for them. And the exact same thing happened to the local businesses that relied on SMU football when they got the axe.
07/18/2012 6:17PM
I also disagree
I also disagree that Penn State didn't gain a competitive advantage by covering up Sandusky's actions. They would not have attracted the same players with that hanging over their heads. The reality is that not punishing Penn State becauseit will hurt others is the exact same thing they were doing when they didn't out Sandusky, albeit not as severe.
07/18/2012 6:48PM
The penalty should be self-imposed
Penn State, of which I am a current student, should self-impose a death penalty. The image of 107,000 people packed in B.eaver stadium in 6 weeks cheering about football is completely inappropriate. This is a major university with many events happening throughout the year. Non-stop summer sports camps, conferences, other sporting events, concerts. There is more than enough to keep shop owners afloat. The student athletes could easily be granted transfers to other schools, be given free tuition for X years, etc. But to have a season in 6 weeks, that is just not OK.
07/18/2012 7:34PM
Pen should suspend their season!not the NCAA Using logic can you really think only a few knew of what was taking place!
07/18/2012 8:10PM
Are you kidding? You really need to get a grip. Folks will need to adjust to losing football for a few years and the income that comes with it. Those boys (now men) lost their innocence and have had their lives ruined. If you think it was just these 10 or so victims you're nuts. It's probably more like 100. I think these business can find a way to survive without football or move on... it happens all the time. PSU needs to be made an example of... As far as self imposing anything, forget about it. That school can not be trusted.
07/19/2012 10:11AM
There should be two investigations
I agree with Kristian Garic that the NCAA should stay out of the CRIMINAL investigation. But in my opinion the NCAA is duty bound to conduct its own investigation to see if the school and/or football program violated any rules. And if the NCAA determines no rules were broken, there is something seriously wrong...
07/19/2012 12:53PM
Penn State Investigation
I don't think that Penn State should get the death penalty. If the NCAA on the other hand finds that massive rule violations were committed by Penn State, then my opinion is that they should be given the death penalty. As for the statute of JoePaterno outside of the stadium, it must be removed... as soon as possible
07/19/2012 5:41PM
Don't thik PSU should get death penalty....for reasons stated above. Also don't think Joe Pa's statue should be torn down........this man wasn't evil and everybody wants to forget the voulumes of good this mad did......he made mistakes in the Sandusky crimes (remember Jerry Sandusky did the acts) and his legacy being harmed is enough. Just my thoughts
07/24/2012 1:08PM
There is no "fair"
I'm so sick of hearing the "it isn't fair..." arguement. Look, the sooner people can understand that "fair" is term invented by grade school teachers to manipulate the actions of grade school kids, the sooner they'll be ready for real life. The football "program" is what the entire sweep-it-under-the-rug attitude was all about at PSU. Therefore, the "program" must be penalized. Period. All of the people effected by the sanctions should be mad at the leadership of the university and "program" that landed them in this situtation, NOT the NCAA. Life isn't fair. Get used to it.
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