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Kristian: Saints waive WR Tanner, sign DE Richardson

The Saints today waived WR Andy Tanner to make room for defensive end Jay Richardson.

Richardson will be able to help out with their depth along the front seven.  He can play a little OLB and DE.

I thought Richardson was more of the surprising cuts of the final 53 mna roster...I thought he did enough, but was a victim of depth issues.  The Saints assumed correctly they could cut him and expose him a bit, then re-sign him if they needed him.  He's a player that can come in and contribute, and have some quality snaps throughout a game.

Tanner's a fan favorite for a lot of Who Dats, but he's a victim of numbers and injuries along the defensive front.  He is still eligible for the practice squad.  Tanner still has to clear waivers, and that might be tough to get by 31 other teams.  At this point in the season, teams typically add players that they feel like will be on the active game day roster, and can help them on the field.  A team without a lot of depth at WR might grab him.  I think he lands back on the practice squad.

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09/12/2013 1:44PM
Kristian: Saints waive WR Tanner, sign DE Richardson
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09/12/2013 2:00PM
takin the a train
Poor Andy. Will he ever make a team for the entire season?
09/12/2013 2:03PM
Saints Fan-addict
Good move we need help on defense. since we were able to re sign Rob Meechum the wide receiver position is pretty much stable. Meacham already knows the offense and he can contribute right now.
09/12/2013 2:07PM
At some point in the season as injuries mount, some team will pick up Andy and put him on their active roster. Stay in shape Andy. The only way that happens in N.O. is if a wide receiver goes down.
09/12/2013 2:20PM
It was need. Andy T might be good for Patriots. Amendola gets hurt too much and is out tonight for their division game againts the Jets..i Andy had made team at higher level, Saints may could have even made a move for a late round pic. Given the chance to lay it all out..he could be a Welker/Crebret type of game day player..all teams need that quick type guy in slot and across middle at times in each game. Many two minute drills with timeouts benefit to win or tie with those yac type of plays.. Lance proves his value time and time again.
09/12/2013 6:40PM
What are you doing as a season ticket holder i am disappointed he never got a chance to play in regular season after all his hard work and he showed so much potential this will come back to bite them mark my words. they just waived a welker the player they picked up will be a bust. Mark my words
09/12/2013 7:59PM
Feeling bad
I believe he would be a huge asset, a loss I believe. Hoping he gets his chance soon and with us!
09/12/2013 10:06PM
enough's enough
Look guys, let's be real. It was a good storyline. But the truth of the matter is Andy Tanner couldn't help the saints because he can't get separation.
09/12/2013 10:12PM
enough's enough 2
Yes Tanner got open in preseason, that was against 2nd and 3rd tier players. He shouldn't have made the team due to def. depth needs in the beginning.
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