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Kristian: Minicamp just a bit different in 2012

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Different feel:  The feel at Saints minicamp is different for many reasons, starting with the absence of quarterback  Drew Brees.  I’m so used to seeing him out there, that I can’t remember what practice was like without him being out there.   Mini-camp also has a different feel because it is in fact different.  Gone are the days where practices in shorts would still be physical.  There is virtually no contact in practice.  There is no real explosiveness.  The practices now are a glorified walk through.  That’s about it.  Plus this time last year we were in the midst of a lock out so I guess it’s better than the alternative.

Daniel Day:  Chase Daniel has taken advantage of getting the first team reps in Brees’ absence.  He’s looked similar, but not the same in practice. “I’m trying to prepare myself to be the starter…I know it’s Drew’s team and we all him back as soon as possible.  But I have to prepare myself to be a starter and I think I’m proving myself” Daniel said.  Chase has been in the offensive system for four seasons now, and looks promising, but the ball placement to receivers is where he struggles.  He just doesn’t have the accuracy of Brees.  

Don’t count Shanle out of the mix:  Fans have wanted linebacker Scott Shanle out of the lineup for years.   The competition keeps jumping in the boat and he keeps throwing them back out.   I think that changes this year with the additions of David Hawthorne, and Chris Chamberlain.   Shanle is a wiley veteran now and knows exactly what this league is about. “You can’t play in this league if you are afraid of competition, it makes our team better.  I embrace it,” Shanle said.

Strief disappears:  Offensive tackle Zack Strief was not at the afternoon practice on Tuesday, and we didn’t get an explanation from assistant coach Joe Vitt as to why.  We’ll find out more Wednesday.  

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06/05/2012 11:12PM
Kristian: Minicamp just a bit different in 2012
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06/06/2012 12:02AM
Brees is greedy or he's hurt
How much is enough money ?what about the rest of the team who make him look good!hes a bum or he is hiding an injury . Hell he might have Brett farve beat for most int's.
06/06/2012 8:05AM
We live in an information age, it takes very little effort to look up information so there is no excuse for statements made based on ignorance. Drew has thrown 146int compared to Favres 336. For anyone keeping count Favre has more int's thrown thanDrew has TD's(281) also Drew int percentage is 2.7 compared to Favres 3.3 and Drew's passer rating is 94 compared to Favre's 86 so lets not start comparing them until Drew has thrown about 100 more picks shall we?
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