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Kristian: Mickey Loomis for MVP!

Yeah, yeah, general managers are never in the running for Most Valuable Player in the NFL, and Saints GM Mickey Loomis isn't a player in the traditional sense.  He doesn't block, he doesn't tackle, he doesn't catch or throw touchdowns. What he does do, however, is negotiate contracts and select the players that block, tackle and score touchdowns for the team. He enjoys his role as the team's GM, and stays out of the spotlight.  

You could make the argument Loomis is the most valuable "player" in the organization.  Sure, Sean Payton is the head coach, and without him the Saints wouldn't be the force they are.. but where would the Saints be without Loomis?  I shudder to think of it.  

The one-time "cap guy" has turned moving money around into an art form.  How many times over the last three offseasons have you said "How are the Saints going to pay (insert players name here?)" I know I've said it a bunch.  Let's take a look at the work Loomis has done in just that short span.  

Sign Drew Brees to a long term deal (check).  Bring free agents Ben Grubbs, Keenan Lewis, and Jairus Byrd (check) lock up tight end Jimmy Graham to a smart but fair deal (check).  Oh, did I mention working out a 7-year contract extension for coach Sean Payton?  

For kicks, what about the discovery of Sean Payton during the coaching search in 2006?  Loomis doesn't look for the credit; he rarely appears on national radio or TV interviews.  He's got a poker face that would intimidate the best of them.

And for all of that, Loomis gets my vote for MVP in the salary cap game!

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07/16/2014 1:37PM
Kristian: Mickey Loomis for MVP!
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07/16/2014 5:49PM
Thank god for mickey
Thank you Mickey for a great job with signing and adding great talent to the team.
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