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Kristian: Manning's move helps move along Saints/Brees?

Kristian@wwl.com - Peyton Manning has made his decision, and he and the Broncos have settled on a 5-year, $96 million contract.  Was it a necessary domino that needed to fall in order for the Saints to make progress with Drew Brees?  Condon represents both Manning and Brees,  and it is common knowledge Manning's pending deal with a new team would provide a starting point for talks with Brees and the Saints.  So, what now?

If Manning gets a deal worth $90 million over 5 years, than it's conceivable to think Condon will look for a similar deal for Drew Brees.  Manning will get close to $20 million dollars a year with possibly $30 million guaranteed.  Brees is two years younger and is healthier, so you would have to think the Saints will be pressed for more guaranteed money.  Nonetheless it's a good starting point for Condon and Brees to call on the Saints once the deal with Manning is finalized in Denver.  Condon's job is simply to get as much in return value for his client as possible.  The players rarely get involved with the finite details and dollar amounts in contracts. I think within a week of Manning working out his deal with the Broncos, you could see a similar deal with Brees and the Saints.

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03/20/2012 8:49AM
Kristian: Manning's move helps move along Saints/Brees?
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03/20/2012 11:42AM
I think this will finally give Condon and Saints an opportunity to move forward on Drew's contract. Yes, if Manning is worth 90 mil with 30 guaranteed, then Drew should be worth more and they all know that. I am confident that this will be done well before OTA's start as I have been all along. All these idiots calling for the GM's head and saying Drew is greedy......geez, give me a break! It's BUSINESS FOLKS! One other thing, I guarantee that when Colston signed his new deal he probably made sure that he will be getting passes from Drew Brees not someone else!
03/20/2012 12:22PM
Loomis Should Be FIRED
Im not being sinical I am just being real. This guy has put Drew through the ringer with up and down emotions and stress. He shouldve signed the man last year. NEVER EVER let your star player reach the end of their contract "EVER" Saints should have learned from their past exepriences.
03/20/2012 1:49PM
If Condon said "Drew its a good offer, you should take it....." Drew would have taken it. I think Condon knew what the market was going to bring for Manning and what the market should bring for Brees and the Saints just were trying to get away with paying Drew less than he was worth. It's simple even though its millions of dollars thats the world Drew lives in. I know I would not take less money than my peers in my profession nor should Drew. BTW.....Benson is now worth over a BILLION$!!!
03/20/2012 2:05PM
What does Benson being being worth have to do with this?And there is no way Loomis should be fired. This is not his first rodeo. Good luck Saints, WHO DAT!
03/20/2012 8:47PM
Just sign da man,he deserves every penny,no limitations or no brainer c'mon man!!!Show drew da money
03/21/2012 7:48AM
Saying Loomis should be fired is just plain nonsense.......it is his job to negotiate for the team and he has done a great job.........Not too worry people, DB will be signed to a long term contract and it will be something he likes.....just give it time. Believe me if Loomis could just pay the guy anything he would......but there are the restraints of the system to deal with. It will be alright........chill!
03/21/2012 12:06PM
greed or not greed...
Drew will get a smaller contract but more guaranteed money. P Manning got that because he was free agency going to the highest bidder and he also have no bonus money associated. There is also no long term guaranteed which is why he got what he go. Drew should take 18.5M per year but more guaranteed money and he wants that long term contract. I don't know what the contract details are but if he is seriously wanting 23 mil per year for 6 or 7 years that is greed and i'm a saints fan.
03/21/2012 2:08PM
Will Drew stay after the NFL sanctions?
03/21/2012 2:22PM
Brees contract
Manning & Brady have multible Super Bowl app and multible MVP's. Plus Brees had a reconstructed shoulder. Lets look at all of it. The 28 million with the Colts worked out well didn't it. I love BREES (BOUGHT THE BOOK & EVERYTHING)! Ifthe Saints offer a good contract and Brees & agent won't sign.... trade him to Redskins for all their picks. Get RG3 & others & start over. Sorry
03/25/2012 10:08AM
Response to "Brees contract"
Dude…..get real………….Glad you're not running the team……let's see, trade a superbowl winning, record setting QB, Drew Brees, to the Redskins for an unproven rookie and start over!! Give it time pal, it is a business negotiation and there's no hard deadline for at least a month or so. The Saints WILL sign DB to a long term contract.
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