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Kristian: Ingram says he's ''happy'' in New Orleans

Rumors continue to swirl online that running back Mark Ingram wants to be traded by the Saints. Today, Ingram addressed the issue head-on.  Well, sorta head-on.
"No. Never came from me. I dont know who that came from. But I love New Orleans. It's home to me. I love this organization, love my teammates, love my coaches. I'm happy here. And we're 3-0. So I'm excited about that."
When asked if the report of him wanting to be traded was distracting or hurtful, Ingram said, "It doesn't matter to me.  Anybody’s opinion, that’s their opinion. Everybody's entitled to their opinion. It doesn't bother me. I come out every day, work my butt off to be the best person I can be, the best player I can be for this team to help us go out there and have success. I do that every single day. And as long as my teammates, my coaches and everybody in this organization knows that, that's all that matters to me."
OK, he says a request to be traded didn't come from him.  Do I believe him?  Well, he didn't say that it didn't come from someone else, say, his agent.  It could have come from someone close to him, trying to rattle the Saints' cage, which is not a wise move, in my opinion.  
Ingram didn't practice today and was listed as having a toe injury. Also not practicing:  Wide receiver Lance Moore, and that's an injury you pay attention to.  If Lance Moore doesn't practice, it kind of forces the issue with WR Nick Toon.  It's very serious when you're dealing with a wrist injury on a receiver.  Now, I don't think it's something that keeps him out for weeks on end, but it's something to watch.  If Moore's not able to go this week,  you pay attention more and more to Nick Toon in this offense. 

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09/26/2013 4:04PM
Kristian: Ingram says he's ''happy'' in New Orleans
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09/26/2013 4:32PM
Come on man...
If Ingram is happy right now then there is the problem! Happy with 2 yards per carry? Happy with a bunch of free agents showing you up? Best of luck to you Mark but... There is the door.
09/26/2013 4:51PM
Couldn't have said it better myself.
09/26/2013 5:00PM
If it came from his Agent
If these trading rumors are coming from his agent, his agent would be well advised to encourage Ingram to get more than 1.5 yards per carry so he can get top dollar for Ingram. The way he's performing, why would any team want him? Clearly most Saints fans DO NOT!!
09/26/2013 7:14PM
Just do that running back thing that you get paid for,and things will be sweet!!!
09/26/2013 7:39PM
Listen to the man.......
If he says he is happy, let him be happy. He said he loves it here, this is his home. Leave it at that. Why do we need to know if its true or not? Why do we need to know who started the rumor? Talking about a "rumor" that doesn't affect someone is only making the "rumor" bigger. If he said it doesn't affect him, why should it affect us? Like he said, the Saints are 3-0, be happy for the team/fans. Stop talking about this and making a mountain out of a mole hill.
09/27/2013 12:56AM
best ahead
Ingram knows how to roll over opponents not a small thing and his best games lie ahead mvp superbowl as a Saint!
09/27/2013 7:58AM
best ahead
sound like sarcasm to me best ahead. Make Thomas the feature back and see what you get!!
09/27/2013 10:35AM
o-line play
o-line is weak,and has played POOR. why not blame them,Drew is on pace to be sacked 53 time in 2013.God i hope he makes it thru the year..lets worry about that
09/27/2013 2:59PM
This Guy has no vision......gets stopped by a safety 25 pounds lighter than him at the goal line one on one.....Nobody will bite he ain't trade bait....Bad footwork...doesn't have that killer instinct....and whines to much!!!!!!
09/28/2013 9:52AM
Here we go again!
Please get off Ingram's back.....has he played his best..NO! I yelled at him on TV when he got spun around and the ball popped out a couple of games back, but he has had nowhere to run....please give it a little more time! I go to Drew Brees who said it's not all on Mark....That's the same DB that so many posted about as being "greedy" during his contract....remember those people....don't hear much from them anymore, cause now they realize he is worth more than 100 Million! bigbaddave
09/28/2013 10:44PM
Here we go again!
Thomas and Sproles aren't burning up yardage, but they are doing alot better than Ingram.
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