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Kristian: Hurry up and wait for the Saints

The NFL has pushed back the hearings for the Saints and Coach Sean Payton on their appeals to the looming suspensions and fines. 

What does that mean for Payton? 

ESPN's Adam Schefter says it allows the coach to remain in place without restrictions for the time being.   "Right now he is allowed to do whatever he wants.  Essentially his suspension has been appealed, and until that appeal his heard and ruled on, he can continue acting as the head coach." 

Schefter says the Saints are trying to draw out the process as long as possible to keep Payton and General Manager Mickey Loomis in the mix. The Saints are buying some time before meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

"The Saints would like to draw out the appeal because they would like Payton and Loomis to be on staff and on duty as long as possible... plus Payton and Loomis want to put together as much information as they can for the most powerful argument."  Schefter says the Saints and the NFL are expected to meet later this week. 

The commissioner is expected to rule on the appeal at that time.

Goodell has ordered Payton to serve a one year suspension, Loomis an eight game suspension, Assistant Head Coach Joe Vitt a six game suspension, the Saints to pay $500,000 and Loomis to pay $500,000.  Former Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams is suspended indefinitely.

It comes after the league found that the Saints had a system in place to pay players for big plays, including injuries to opponents.

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04/03/2012 8:19AM
Kristian: Hurry up and wait for the Saints
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04/03/2012 11:41AM
The Saints deserve to be repremanded but so does the rest of the league. The Saints were not fined for illegal hits. Other teams (players) were. This went on league wide, it is not fair that only one team is called on this. The Saints hits did not result in serious injury to any players. Actually our defense was rather poor in comparison to other teams. Lesser sentence would be fairer. Other teams sentenced would be justice.
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