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Kristian: How do you make this pick?

Heart and Head:  I’ve wrestled with my “prediction” all week.  Look, I want the Saints to win. It would be great for the city, the team, and honestly, for the NFL. I cover this team week in and week out from July until possibly February.  Nothing would make me happier than for the Saints to run the table to New York.  I just don’t like the match-up.

The Seahawks are the better team with more depth.  However, Seattle has the pressure and the Saints are playing with house money. Outside of New Orleans, not many are picking the Saints to win this game.  Do I pick with my heart or my head?  My heart says New Orleans all the way; my head tells me Seattle has too much at home for the Saints. 

In week 13 the Saints were embarrassed by the Seahawks in CenturyLink Field.  It’s hard to forecast the impact of the weather on this game.  I don’t see a 34 to 7 game that we saw on December 2nd.  I think the Saints make the adjustments necessary to make this a close game. Since 2005, #6 Seeds are 6 and 2 against #1 seeds.

With that said, I’m picking Seattle in a close game 28-27 over New Orleans.  I would love nothing more than to be wrong.  

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01/10/2014 6:47PM
Kristian: How do you make this pick?
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01/10/2014 8:03PM
Your a tool
How the hell did you get a job? What broadcast school did you go to? Yeah I thought so. NONE.
01/10/2014 9:41PM
Journalistic integrity
Appreciate ya opinion bro but u wrong! Listen to u all week n feel where ya coming from but watch 43 in the rain! Do I hear special teams TD? Who Dat
01/10/2014 9:59PM
No way!
Saints will steal one this week! Gonna be a good day for New Orleans and it's people! WHO DAT!
01/11/2014 6:14AM
your job is on the line..
this may not be the job for you.. get that resume ready...
01/11/2014 8:35AM
Sad but true...
As hard as it is to swallow, you are right. Seattle has been on their A game and the Saints are B at best. With that said, I think the Saints have more heart and stand an underdog victory better than any other NFL at this point in the season. Keep up the good work and calling it as you see it.
01/11/2014 9:07AM
never underestimate the under dog
San Diego Chargers were not even supposed to be in the playoffs yet alone defeat The Chiefs whose season looked promising this season. And this is why it's called "Any Given Sunday" in this case, Saturday, because football can be unpredictable. Geaux Saints!
01/11/2014 2:10PM
our ground game will be like none we seen this season. robinson will be FIYA!
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