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Kristian: Graham's tag is non-exclusive... the plot thickens!

The Saints have put a non-exclusive franchise tag on Jimmy Graham. If you're not familiar, that means another NFL team - any NFL team - could make an offer and negotiate a contract with Graham.

Of course, the Saints would have the right to match any of those offers. For a player like Graham, every team in the league would be interested, but I expect the Saints would come to the table ready to match anything that gets thrown out. If Jimmy went somewhere else, the Saints would be compensated two first-round draft picks. It's a good way to let the market determine Jimmy Graham's worth.

Again, unless it is a truly blockbuster deal, I expect the Saints to come away from any negotiating table with Graham still in line.

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03/01/2014 9:46AM
Kristian: Graham's tag is non-exclusive... the plot thickens!
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03/01/2014 10:14AM
Great Move
Jimmy is a great player, no doubt, but at a replaceable position. Would love to have him stay, but 2 first rounds (especially a top 10 pick would be a no brainer.
03/01/2014 10:35AM
Hate to see him geaux, major cap space as well extremely high draft pick(s) too enticing...
Hate to see him geaux, major cap space as well extremely high draft pick(s) too enticing. We need to improve in several areas, this well help us get closer.
03/01/2014 10:36AM
First rounders?????
Please remember other supposedly wonderful first rounders--some were duds and very poor choices by the Saints. Don't play games with Graham--he's fantastic and needs to stay with the Saints!
03/01/2014 10:49AM
Could this be the chance to take a top quarterback for drew breeze to groom as his successor like the transition from montana to young?
03/01/2014 10:50AM
Perhaps we should get 6th or 7th rounders instead of 1st rounders... as in the last few years, our late-round picks have been more successful than our early picks!!
03/01/2014 11:07AM
a great guy
Jimmy is extremely awesome. I want to sew him stay because if not and he ends up in our division, Lord help us. Use him on o-line sometimes to protect drew. Jimmy is a hugh asset and saints would regret they let him go if that's the case.
03/01/2014 11:07AM
Chess Game
While I would hate to see Graham in any other uniform, Loomis and Peyton have proven to be brilliant tacticians in this chess game known as free agency and the draft. We'll just have to trust them for now. Bring on other late picks, i.e. Colston.
03/01/2014 11:12AM
Johnny Lawman
If. I can recall correctly, Jimmy made the comment after coming here and playing with Drew Brees that he would stay here with the Saints as long as Drew was on the team. Does this mean that he changed his mind and that BS walks?
03/01/2014 11:22AM
I think losing graham and not giving him what he has earned is pitiful .look what he has done with the saints.i.did Atlanta ,New England let there tight ends leave?sad.they lose him and they will regret it.
03/01/2014 11:26AM
Jimmy another Beees
Both don't really care about fielding the best team possible, as much as making the most bucks possible. Maybe working a little to help the "team". But both is "the money is the bottom line". Brees has already put limits our the team's cap. Jimmy will just make it worst. If we can get top picks for him, I say let's go for it! With Brees and Jimmy's salaries, we will not be able to get the supporting cast we need to make another run and/or protect an aging Brees.
03/01/2014 11:30AM
Shrewd move by the Saints
Graham is overrated and if they could get two first round draft choices for him it would be a steal.
03/01/2014 11:44AM
Pay him?!?
He has been paid for his previous seasons. Pay him based on his future potential, not past accomplishments.
03/01/2014 11:47AM
03/01/2014 12:50PM
Nick M
It's not what he has done. It's what he will do in the future which is what many other tight ends can do just as good if not better from the class of 2014. Let's focus on the O line and not make the same mistake we made with Bree's. Let him go.
03/01/2014 1:51PM
Even though Jimmy is not the best TE...
the Saints offered to pay him as the best. 9.3M is too much but they offered that to him. But 'NO'. Jimmy the TE wants to be paid as a WR...??? And not as a mediocre WR (if he were a WR his production is that), he wants to be paid as the bestWR. Laughable.
03/01/2014 1:52PM
I think it would be better for the team if Graham did go I would like more than 1 good player on the team and Drew wouldn't look like a deer in headlights when Graham is covered by more than 1 player
03/01/2014 2:35PM
Two first round picks is interesting but Jimmy Graham is once in a life time athlete.
03/01/2014 2:53PM
Now that Jimmy Graham is tagged; Trade him Now!
Jimmy Graham is a match-up nightmare for defenses. Unfortunately, in big games, the NFL allows the opposition to mug Graham and pass interfere him on every play. It is time for Coach Sean Payton to redesign the offense, yet again. Trade him for a first and third and pick up multiple impact future starters. The NFL has caught on to our prized toy. Time for some other team to be attracted to their new shiny object. I thank Jimmy Graham and all the former Saints that have contributed to our success. Graham will always be a Saint. Best of luck and make the trade.
03/01/2014 5:53PM
It's been good to know ye!
TWO 1st picks? To me, it's a no-brainer. The late games this past season convinced me Mr. Graham can be defended against, and pretty darn easily! Ell's Belles
03/01/2014 5:54PM
Is there room for two huge contracts with the needs the Saints have. If the chance comes I take the two 1st round picks without hesitation .
03/01/2014 6:22PM
This is an agent doing his job. At the same time Jimmy must understand that the next game could be his last and think about his family the life span of an NFL player is not very long.I think things will end the same as they did for Drew.
03/01/2014 6:24PM
drew will make anyone look good......unless he under 10 million let him go for the future....we got 4 more years to get 2 more superbowls......gonna miss that greedy n#$$#
03/01/2014 11:05PM
graham a softy
there are at least 10 tight ends that are better and tougher than Jimmy Graham. in a. Hit or blocking drill Pierre Thomas would knock him off his clumsy feet.
03/01/2014 11:31PM
Mickey is on the right path. Get more good players instead of a few high priced great ones. Can't wait to see how he revamps the Pelicans.
03/02/2014 3:14AM
not true value
Unfortunately, Jimmy will not get to see his true value from other teams with the draft picks thing. But like the move.
03/02/2014 10:49AM
win without Graham
So he's the best TE. Truth is you can win with out him. Many TE's will succeed wit Brees as their QB.
03/03/2014 6:27AM
10 mil
So 10 mil a year was not enough. I hope some team is willing to give two picks.
03/03/2014 6:28AM
10 mil
So 10 mil a year was not enough. I hope some team is willing to give two first rounders.
03/03/2014 12:44PM
Trade Him!!!
By making him a non-exclusive Franchise designee,this will also let the Saints know who's interested in him, thus, trading options will open up!!! I say trade him, get a 1st round pick and either a 3rd/4th round pick and/or a player on the other teams roster.
03/03/2014 1:27PM
This is a no-brainer. $10M would get a good Right AND Left Tackle, use one first rounder on a center, the other on a wide receiver. Next....
03/06/2014 4:23AM
keep him
Graham is a key element to the offense, anyone is an unknown
03/07/2014 9:18AM
Jimmy Graham and other issues
Just wanted throw my two cents in about Jimmy Graham. Been listening the last few days to your program. I’m not as clued in about the cap money as you are but here’s my take… Someone earlier in week said Graham was not that productive toward the end of the season. Someone also said that Lance Moore wasn’t that productive either. Then someone else said that we are too money-heavy (my words) with the interior lineman which best expressed my thoughts on the state of the team…Here’s what I mean… Graham was less productive later in the season because Brees was less productive primarily. Brees was less productive because he was getting killed by inadequate offensive tackle protection. In terms of Moore, I didn’t get why after he rehabbed from his injury that Sean Payton or receiving coaches continued to let him sit the bench. He is far too talented to not use him more. His presence could have given Brees more options between receivers on the field, like the good ole days. When you look at Moore’s percentage of completions to dropped passes, it’s really amazing. People should not measure his value based upon number of completions or age. In my view, that’s a false measurement. If he’s that good now and he’s traded, don’t you think that his talent which is still a good two-years stable going forward, that he’s going to be great for some other team…Why not the Saints…so why not keep him…he knows the plays…has the right chemistry, etc.…but hey, how about using him more. Back to Graham…I would keep Moore, Sprouls, (losing him is insane) Thomas (if we can) and I can see using trading leverage with Graham to accomplish at least two things: Get stronger with offensive tackle positions because if you can’t protect Brees, it makes no difference how good your receiving corps is…Brees gets happy feet, nervous, and makes hasty decisions (especially the older he gets). Secondly, I would be more inclined to trade Malcolm Jenkins who is very inconsistent and Patrick Robison if they bring him back post rehab (who only knows how to slap tackle, costing us tons of yardage and also very inconsistent) for some more skilled D-backs in exchange. Finally, if we had a wish list, I would strengthen our defensive ends to protect us against the leagues scrambling quarterbacks during the pass rush game as people like Wilson, Rogers, and Newton, will continue to clobber us when that happens. My two cents. Mark
03/07/2014 3:18PM
Remember this?
When we went to the bowl Jimmy was on the sideline ( shockey-Dave Thomas) got it done
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