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Kristian: Graham needs to go back to negotiating table

Arbritrator Steven Burbank ruled against Saints tight end Jimmy Graham in his grievance against the Saints and the NFL.  Burbank ruled Graham is a tight end instead of a wide receiver.  Graham was franchised tagged as a tight end this past March, and he and his agent contended the Saints used him more as a wide receiver.  

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If Graham and the Saints do not work out a long term contract before July 15th, he will be forced to play under the 1-year designation, earning just over $7 million dollars this season.  The franchise designation for a wide receiver would have come in just over $12 million dollars this season. 

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Graham and his agent Jimmy Sexton will likely file an appeal to a three person panel, but that appeal could linger past the July 15th deadline for a long term deal.  The most logical option for Graham would be to go back to the negotiating table with the Saints and hammer out a long term contract if he receives a fair offer.  I fully expect that to happen.  I think you can look for a deal in the neighborhood of $60 million dollars with a $10 million per season average, on or shortly before the July 15th deadline.  

Steven Burbank’s ruling ultimately gives both Graham’s camp and the Saints a real working barometer to iron out a contract.  At the end of the day I’m extremely optimistic Graham will be with the Saints in 2014 and beyond. Once again, the Saints roll the dice a bit, and come out smelling like a rose.  It’s been their hallmark, their penchant over the last 8 years or so.  

Give General Manager Mickey Loomis credit, he’s one tough negotiator and plays hard ball with the best of them! 


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07/02/2014 1:36PM
Kristian: Graham needs to go back to negotiating table
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