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Kristian: Graham appeals Burbank ruling with 24 hours to go

The NFL Network has reported that Saints tight end Jimmy Graham will appeal the ruling from arbitrator Stephen Burbank, with less than 24 hours to go before the deadline to reach a long-term deal with the Saints.

Andrew Brandt, an NFL Business analyst for ESPN, joined Sports Talk to explain how the appeal strengthen's Graham's negotiating position and at the same time makes it more likely that a deal will be reached for Tuesday's 3pm deadline.

FULL AUDIO: ESPN's Andrew Brandt talks to Deke about Jimmy Graham appeal

"Perhaps this gives the Graham camp a little more leverage to say, 'hey, we can negotiate this deal, but if we don't get the deal we want, we still have this appeal.'" Brandt said.

The appeal would be to a three person panel in the NFL; however, that panel has to "accept" the case if Graham and his camp can prove erroneous facts in the first hearing, or a procedural error in his initial hearing.  

I don't expect this development to really change much, this is a power move by the Graham camp to ultimately drive up Graham's price. Ultimately, the appeal has no ramifications for the long-term deal getting done, at which point the appeal would be moot. So why not do it? 

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07/14/2014 4:50PM
Kristian: Graham appeals Burbank ruling with 24 hours to go
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07/14/2014 5:41PM
Very Greedy
TRADE HIM NOW!!! Saints don't need this type of player in their locker room. It would be better for the team if he played some where else.
07/14/2014 5:44PM
Best on the business!!!!
Pay him! He's exactly what we need! I think it would be best for the commentator above to route for someone else somewhere else!!! WHODAT!!!
07/14/2014 6:14PM
♥ me some him!
Pay him, NOW! He is an integral part of the offense! Pay up, Saints! He's worth it!!
07/14/2014 6:23PM
Don't need distractions going into camp... Getter done!!!
07/14/2014 6:26PM
whodat!!!fa life!!!
Very greedy needs to go eat and shut up!!!
07/14/2014 6:39PM
Frustrating, to say the least. He was already offered to be highest paid TE. His numbers are similar to Decker, and Decker is getting 3mil a year less than Jimmy's offer.
07/14/2014 6:58PM
Pay him- with a clause
Pay him what he wants with a clause stating for every year he puts up less than WR numbers, his pay drops to TE scale.
07/14/2014 7:12PM
The business of football
This whole commotion Kind of takes a little of the luster off the game, huh?
07/14/2014 7:36PM
Let the money to talk,he will gets payed and we will be HAPPY!!!!! Love it!!!
07/14/2014 7:37PM
pay him to block less
Graham is a great WR but a terrible Te the NFL is using safties and LB to beat him up and his production against good teams is not worth the money he wants. He plays great against weak teams but against good teams he terrible he can't block and doesnot get open. Send him to Cleveland and let Pittsburgh and Baltimore knock him around.
07/14/2014 7:44PM
Pay him or cut him, but do something. Everyone including me are getting tired of this horse and pony show.
07/14/2014 8:13PM
who dat in Atlanta
Agree with Ultratrumpet...pay him whatever or run him out of town...my loyalty is to the SAINTS as a TEAM ...not some hot or cold wanna be WR/TE who didnt even man up/show up and knock some mofos out in the Seattle game...smh
07/14/2014 8:34PM
Double Standard
He is in top five of playmakers at TE or WR, drew is top Five but everyone thought he should get his money and he's not even in his prime.
07/14/2014 10:32PM
Get Vernon Ddavis
I think we do better with him!!!
07/15/2014 12:21AM
Graham is a good asset to Our team.. but We are ready to see and know our Black and Gold..So if he's a true Saint.. He will sign..Otherwise We can replace him and still go to the Superbowl.. So quit the nagging and bleed black and gold Graham and stay.or GO!!! Either way Brees and Payton will find a Good replacement..
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