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Losing Ivory to Jets for 2nd-round pick would be win-win for Saints

A league source confirmed to me today that Saints running back Chris Ivory is visiting with the New York Jets this weekend.  Ivory is the last remaining restricted free agent on the Black and Gold Roster.   The saints have issued him a 2nd-round tender, a one-year, $2.023 million contract.  

What it means:  If Ivory signs with the Jets, the Saints would have to decide whether to match the offer or let him go.  If they do let him go to the Jets, the Saints would get the Jets’ 2nd-round pick.

My take:  It would be the best of both worlds if Ivory got picked up by the Jets and we were able to reclaim a 2nd round pick that was taken away as part of the “bounty” penalties.   I know some fans love Ivory for his physical style, but he’s somewhat limited in Sean Payton’s offense, not to mention he’s injured a lot.  The Saints are clogged at the running back position already.   Ivory has also had a problem staying healthy.  He also isn’t much of a factor in the passing game, and he’s not strong in blitz pickups.  

Ivory is looking for some long-term stability from any team, whether it be New Orleans or the Jets.  The Jets definitely need some help in the running game, but I was still a little surprised they’d be willing to give up a 2nd round pick to acquire Ivory.

Considering that the Saints picked up Ivory as an undrafted rookie free agent, to parlay that into a 2nd-round pick would be a win-win for the Black & Gold. 

UPDATE: Also, New York Daily News sports writer Manish Mehta says the Jets are interested in trading with the Saints for Ivory, but not for a 2nd-round pick.  Mehta will join me at 3:35 today to talk about what he's heard from sources in New York.

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04/13/2013 11:08AM
Kristian: Losing to Ivory to Jets for 2nd-round pick would be win-win for Saints
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04/13/2013 2:01PM
04/14/2013 10:55AM
Might be great deal for Ivory
Damned good running back being wasted here in N.O. - Use it or lose it. Let him go and show what jackwagons the Saints can be once again. We all know what happens when great players leave here. We'll see him down the road and he'll kick our butts by himself.
04/15/2013 8:18AM
Trade Ingram for a 2nd and keep Ivory....
I’m puzzled as to what the Saints see in Ingram over Ivory. Ingram runs into the back of his linemen, can’t break a tackle, isn’t fast or quick enough to outrun or put any moves on anyone. Every time I see him run the ball I think to myself..man Ivory or Thomas would have gotten at lease 2 more yards out of that play.
04/15/2013 10:19AM
Keep Ivory, trade Ingram
The previous poster nailed it.
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