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Kristian: Rafael Bush still a Saint

The New Orleans Saints have matched the 2-year $4.5 million dollar restricted free agent offer for safety Rafael Bush.

The Atlanta Falcons signed Bush to an offer sheet last week.
A league source I spoke also confirmed the matching offer from the club.  Bush has been a solid contributor on special teams and on defense since arriving in New Orleans in 2012.  

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04/07/2014 3:37PM
Kristian: Rafael Bush still a Saint
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04/07/2014 3:45PM
That is good news for a change Bush is a solid player
04/07/2014 3:47PM
Rafael Bush Signing
Mickey Loomis - Capmaster!
04/07/2014 3:48PM
Another victory against the falcons! #WHO DAT!!
04/07/2014 3:55PM
yes indeed
4 real......
04/07/2014 4:04PM
Saints 2014 Super Bowl Champs
Altanta Falcons can't mess with Saints players Mickey Loomis give you the OK.
04/07/2014 4:16PM
Good, Good, Good
Great news and good move by the Saints!! Rafael is a improving young player who plays with great desire and hits hard!! Our secondary is going to be "Seattle like" WhoDAT! bigbaddave
04/07/2014 4:19PM
rafael bush still a saint
good idea if atlanta want him that bad let them trade for him
04/07/2014 4:19PM
Thank the GOOD LORD we haven't given away ALL of weapons! Wassup over there in NO???? WHODAT will take on new meaning in the fall: Who dat playing left tackle? Running back? Receiver??? I was beginning to think we'd lost our minds over there!!!!!
04/07/2014 4:22PM
Good news
Good deal, Rafael is an improving young player who plays with great passion and hits HARD!! Our secondary is getting "Seattle like" Look at for the Legion of Dome! whodat!!
04/07/2014 4:45PM
: Rafael Bush still a Saint
This man belongs on this team. He is a fierce tackler and a very good special team’s player. If we are able to draft an elite cornerback in the draft or sign one from the un-drafted free agency pool, we may very well become the best secondary and maybethe #1 defense in the entire NFL.
04/07/2014 4:49PM
04/07/2014 5:03PM
Glad to hear it good to hang on to as many as we can
04/07/2014 5:06PM
Fred in Pascagoula
Good move. Don't give anything or anybody to the Falcoons.
04/07/2014 5:13PM
We may be in top three when rating safeties as a team
04/07/2014 5:26PM
good move
He was really effective last year. I think that with the defensive moves in early free agency will maintain the quality of the defense. Now we just need One line in the draft and maybe a WR.
04/07/2014 10:17PM
good move
I truly believe Bush will come into his own...and now I can still use my Reggie Bush Jersey..both have same numbe...hehe
04/08/2014 2:49AM
Defense is looking good now we need a center. Free agent J.Goodwin is available and we should get him again because of his experience.
04/08/2014 5:20AM
Prelude to a trade?
Might the Saints now look for a trade?
04/08/2014 10:25AM
Right On!
Bush's play on the field from the get go is why he's still a Saint. He hit like a bowling ball. Go Saints!
04/08/2014 3:02PM
Take that Atlanta!
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