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Kristian: Falcons putting the moves on Rafael Bush

The Atlanta Falcons have signed Saints restricted free agent Rafael Bush to an offer sheet.

The Saints have until April 8th to match the offer, or Bush will become Atlanta Falcons property. The Saints would not receive anything in return.

New Orleans signed Safety Marcus Ball to a three year deal yesterday, softening the potential loss of Bush. 

Click here to view Bush's stats.

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04/03/2014 4:12PM
Kristian: Falcons putting the moves on Rafael Bush
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04/03/2014 5:17PM
Keep Bush in New Orleans
Forget dem Dirty Birds,Bush!Stay in New Orleans!
04/03/2014 5:25PM
It dont matter if fal-cants sign an all "decade team"...they still SUCK!!! TWO DAT!!!!
04/03/2014 5:49PM
Why are they looking for players on our team?
04/03/2014 5:52PM
Looking at Ball's stats he seems to be legit.... Bye bye Byrdy!!!!!
04/03/2014 6:03PM
Ell's Belles
I would like the Saints to keep Bush - he showed me some good stuff last year in limited playing time.
04/03/2014 6:06PM
saints fa life
Bush stay in new Orleans, we need his physical presence s in our secondary...
04/03/2014 6:08PM
saints fa life
Bush stay in new Orleans, we need his physical presence in our secondary...
04/03/2014 8:06PM
Falcons suck!
04/03/2014 8:24PM
The Falcunts are in huge trouble with $$ and Depth. They will look in a dumpster for talent if they have to. 0-16 Falcunts
04/04/2014 12:45AM
No Ring
Whats the difference Between a Dirty Bird and a Dirty Tub? .... The Tub has a Ring
04/04/2014 1:30AM
Saints should match the offer.
1st Bush bring great depth at the FS position. He's a physical enforcer in the middle of the field. 2nd he's a good special teams player. 3rd he's great in the community.
04/04/2014 2:50AM
Brees and graham
Their greed is bringing this team down. Saints to be 5 and 11 this year
04/04/2014 7:31AM
Match the offer
Unless it is just a ridiculous amount, the Saints need to match and keep Bush.........His play has improved and he is a ball hawking, hard hitting DB.......don't want to see him in an ATL uniform........I trust the GM to make the correct decision.... bigbaddave
04/04/2014 12:05PM
Anywhere but Atlanta
I hope they keep him, but I could not stand to lose this player to that stinkhole team in Atlanta!
04/04/2014 2:03PM
Go Falcons
04/04/2014 5:18PM
Dirty Bird
Maybe they want Bobby Hebert and Morten Andersen back too
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