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Drew Brees: Way too early to be thinking about playoffs

Following the Saints’ victory over the Bears at Soldier Field, I talked with quarterback Drew Brees for our weekly “Monday Morning Quarterback” feature. 

Drew, one stat that just jumps out:  The Saints possessed the ball for 36 minutes.  That’s very telling.

“Yeah, the two key stats in this game, offensively at least, 36 minutes of possession and zero turnovers.   If you’d told me those two stats prior to the game, I’d have said, man, we’ve got a great chance of winning.”

All week, you’ve talked about ball security, and you came out of Soldier Field with no turnovers, against a team that’s so good at creating them.

“That’s what they’re known for, that’s what’s gotten us beat (at Chicago) before, and we knew that was a huge emphasis coming into the game.”

And, the best outing we’ve seen in the Saints running game so far.

“I think yardage wise, it was not a lot of yards in any way, but we kept getting the third and short, and we were able to convert a lot of these.   You kept throwing the ball, you kept possession, you kept matriculating the ball down the field…keeping your defense off the field, getting points, taking every advantage of every opportunity to get points.  We followed the formula to a T, as to what it takes to win.”

The chemistry between you and Jimmy Graham just seems to keep growing.

“You know, he’s a young player who wants to be great.  He just continues to work at it, and he kind of thrives on the opportunities to showcase what he can do.  Every team we play is going to have a plan for him.  They’re going to try to rough him up, they’re going to talk a lot of smack to him during the week.  I think that fuels his fire, and that’s what you love about him. “

He says he plays better angry.  Do you want an angry Jimmy Graham?

 “Yes, absolutely.  I don’t play well angry, he plays well angry.”  (Laughs)

Can you talk a little about the screen play with Pierre Thomas?

“We had pressure coming from the slot, and we were running the screen away from it.  You just feel like, you got lucky, calling it at the right, where everybody’s moving toward the field, they’re bringing pressure and you’re able to dish  the ball towards the sideline to Pierre, and get alignment out in front of him.  We just had more blockers than they had tacklers, and Pierre was able to navigate his way through and find the end zone.”

Your TD streak still stands. I know you say records are made to be broken, but it’s still a lot.

“I think I just assumed “That thing’s going down,” and that Brady was going to be the one to do it…but it’s crazy how things happen.  I guess I’m still a bit shocked, but that is what it is.  And obviously, that a special record, because of all the people that were involved, in the way we broke it last year…I guess it’s safe for at least another few years.”

You’re the only 5-0 NFC team…too early to think about conference standings?

“Yes, it is way too early.  There’s still a lot of football to be played.  Listen, we’ve got one of the biggest tests that we’ve faced here in a long time at New England.  So, that’s all we’re thinking about. “

Next week with the Patriots…they’re a team that’s coming off a loss now, obviously always a tough matchup.

“They’re a tough matchup for anybody.  They’re one of the most winningist organizations in the last decades.  A big part of it is that defense, it’s Tom Brady, it’s their formula for winning.  They know the formula for winning, and it’s playing great defense…it’s a quarterback that takes care of the football, who makes you pay when you make mistakes.  Obviously, they’re coming off a tough loss, so we know they’re going to be ready to play us at their place, with a lot on the line…we just want to continue to play great football.  We just want to get better every week, and this is our opportunity. “

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10/07/2013 9:56AM
Drew Brees: Way too early to be thinking about playoffs
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10/07/2013 1:00PM
I know it's early in the season but the Saints are a playoff team.WHODAT!
10/07/2013 1:25PM
Drew Brees TD streak still stands.
Last year, the refs against the failcants took a Brees TD off the board with a bogus penalty ending his streak. The refs let the failcants pass interfere with Saints' receivers causing multiple interceptions for Atlanta. Drew throws to spots on the field and when your receivers are held or even tackled, the vacated spot can be a turnover. The NFL set it up for Brady to tie Drew against the Patriots. Like the Saints Superbowl victory, Drew and Sean did not play into the NFL hype or script of handing Manning a legacy winning Superbowl. When the rain came down in the last few minutes of the Patriots and Bengals game and when the Saints beat Chicago, it was many wrongs being righted. It may be a discounted streak by the media, now, that Brady will not have it, but, to Saints fans and the people of Louisiana, we know better. This Saints team and its coaches were maligned with false accusations for over a year. Vindication and truth is not in the winning of games but in the steadfast resolve of Drew and Sean to strive in the face of adversity. The truth may never be known; nevertheless, seeking the truth is a step toward attaining wisdom.
10/07/2013 3:52PM
Too Early to talk about pl.ayoffs
I think he is right. There is a lot of football left yet.
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