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Kristian: Tebow should play the indoor game

Kristian@wwl.com - Let me start by saying Tim Tebow might just be the greatest college player of my generation.  He was fantastic at Florida, winning two national titles.  Tebow seemed to WILL the Florida Gators to win after win.   Tim Tebow displayed fantastic leadership ability and was just a tough, gritty player who propelled fans to the stadium and got them glued in front of the TV.   If you like college football, this is what it was all about.  Tebow was college football.  

With that said, please spare me the talk that Tebow could be an NFL starter, or that you would want him as your quarterback.  Please spare us he “he hasn’t gotten a fair chance” argument.  You can’t help but root for Tebow, but when you watch him, you get nauseated at his attempt to play quarterback in the NFL.

The Broncos gave Tebow a shot, and concluded they couldn’t advance past the second round of post-season with him as their signal caller.  The Broncos somehow managed to squeeze a 4th round pick out of the New York Jets for Tebow.  I would’ve paid the Broncos a fourth rounder to keep him.   Let me be clear, I wouldn’t want Tebow as my backup Quarterback, and certainly wouldn’t want him as my starter, unless I was playing a motivational speaker game or college football.  He’s likable; Tim Tebow’s a man of God.  All that is nice, but it doesn’t help you play quarterback in the NFL.  

Tebow would be better served playing in the Arena League.  Even then I would have questions about his game.  However, the field is smaller…the windows for passing are larger…and he would be a huge draw for fans.  There is a reason Tim Tebow went unclaimed on the waiver wire.  32 General Managers and pro scouting guys know the deal.  He’s not the answer at quarterback.  Not to mention it will be a circus with his arrival, just ask the Jets how that went last year.  “Yeah, but he won a playoff game with Broncos.”  I get that argument all the time.  Is that the goal?  Winning a playoff game…or winning a championship?  How are quarterbacks measured?  Lombardi trophy collections!  That’s how!  In 37 career games as an NFL QB Tebow has thrown 361 passes and completed 47.9% of those passes.  He’s just not accurate enough in the pocket.   Teams usually want their starting QB’s to complete a minimum of 60% of passes.  

So, can we end the “I feel sorry for Tebow” party?  I don’t feel sorry for Tim.  He was drafted in the first round by a coach who clearly didn’t know what he was doing.  He won two national titles at Florida.  He has a Heisman trophy.  He’s a man of God.  Tebow is a fantastic human being!  He’s just not a good NFL quarterback.  He’s made a decent wage, so what is there to feel sorry about?  Tim Tebow was given ample opportunity to prove he can play at the NFL level.  His body of work says he can’t!   Tebow should count his blessings, and the fans should dispense with the love affair of a guy so grossly overrated.

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05/03/2013 1:23PM
Kristian: Tebow should play the indoor game
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05/04/2013 2:52AM
He should just bite the bull it and play his natural position linebacker
05/04/2013 8:46AM
Yea but he can become a great NFL qb that takes ppl willing to help u to achieve that goal. Not whining ab the fair shot thing he was given one in Denver not the jets
05/04/2013 2:15PM
Tebow threw for 47.9% completion ratio while Elway threw for 47.5% in his first year starting. I am not comparing Tebow to Elway because there is no comparison at this point, but Elway had growing pains too. In Tebow's first playoff chance he won aplayoff game. It took Elway 4 years before he played in a Super Bowl. He played in 5 and lost 3. I don't know if Tebow would be any good at QB but I do know he sure does know how to win and that has to be worth something.
05/04/2013 5:13PM
Second round of post-season isn't good enough now?
"The Broncos gave Tebow a shot, and concluded they couldn’t advance past the second round of post-season with him as their signal caller." I don't understand how statements like this are supposed to apply to Tebow when they don't apply to any other QB in the league. Teams would pay BIG MONEY to have a QB that could consistently get them into the second round of the playoffs, even if they didn't know if they'd get any further. How many years did Andy Reid get to stay in Philadelphia just because he was able to keep getting his teams to the playoffs?!?
05/04/2013 7:10PM
Sounds as though you really have an ax to grind.
05/06/2013 1:14PM
Ravens hire Spags for job well done.
Why hire Spags? Worst defense in NFL history. He made no changes in scheme or game time adjustments. Maybe, Spags, did exactly what he was instructed to do, albeit, from a different boss. I believe SP would have fired him during the season, if a higher agenda was Spags, purpose. When a team finishes last in defense, it is easy to overlook that the team had no real head coach and was being punitively harmed on all levels. As Shakespeare wrote, "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, ....". Spags, obviously, is not that bad a coach. The Ravens just won a Super Bowl and just hired Spags. It does appear to be for a job well done. Good luck, Spags. As Shakespeare, also, wrote, "Et tu, Brute?" or maybe better said, "Et tu, Spags?”.
05/08/2013 11:37AM
Tim Tebow CAN play
-1st game? 100.5 QB rating -most passing yards in Bronco postseason debut -at one point had 11 touchdowns vs. 2 interceptions in his career -threw 5 passes of 30 yards against Steelers team which had only given up 6 the whole year in regular season play -threw for 300 yards TWICE in first 15 starts -overcame 4th quarter deficit of 13 points to win TWICE
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