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Posts from April 2013

Kristian: Saints finish well on final day of 2013 NFL Draft
Kristian@wwl.com - A year's worth of work is in the books for the Saints after making five selections in the 2013 NFL draft.  Of New Orleans' five picks this year, they spent three on the defensive side of the football and two on offensive.  The Saints did well with that they had on the final day, with just two selections.  

Another wide receiver:  In fifth round of the draft, the Saints grabbed Oklahoma WR Kenny Stills.  Stills is praised for his excellent route running ability, and body control.  "He runs exceptionally well," said coach Sean Payton.  Many talent evaluators considered Stills to be the best route-runner in the Big 12 conference. I like the selection, it's a bigger version of Lance Moore with speed.  He'll compete with last year's 4th round pick Nick Toon for time at wide receiver.

Tareleton State:  As the Saints like to do, they went small school and grabbed a bit of a "project" player in defensive end Rufus Johnson.  Coach Payton said Johnson will likely play outside linebacker in the NFL.  Rufus had an impressive season last year with Tareleton, leading the team with 10 sacks and 17.5 tackles for a loss.  

Unrestricted free agents:  The Saints have a high success rate on finding unrestricted rookie free agents, with a significant portion of their roster is made up of guys that went un-drafted.  "That's our number-one pitch to the agents and players," according to Payton.  New Orleans now begins the NFL equivalent to recruiting at the college level.  Players and agents look at the depth charts of teams before signing a rookie free agent contract.

Moving on:  Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis said today, Linebacker Scott Shanle, WR Devery Henderson, and DT Sedrick Ellis "Are probably not a part of our plans for this year."  All three players are currently unrestricted free agents.  Loomis also said the team will likely sign an un-restricted free agent rookie running back after the draft.
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Kristian: Saints make big moves in day 2 of draft
Kristian@wwl.com - The Saints started the day with one pick in round three and ended up with two.  Through a few trades, the Saints were able to add a couple of players along the offensive and defensive lines.  The Black and Gold grabbed offensive tackle Terron Armstead out of Arkansas Pine Bluff with their first pick in round 3.  After trading running back Chris Ivory to the New York Jets; New Orleans packaged that pick and their fourth rounder to Miami to trade up in the third round to grab Georgia Defensive Tackle John Jenkins. 
Armstead:  It was an obvious need for the Saints, and some experts felt Armstead was a second round talent that slipped right to the Saints.  In Armstead, the Saints get an athletic pass rusher to replace Jermon Bushrod.  We'll see if he can come in and man that left side from day one, but the Saints love his athleticism.   New Orleans has been particularly adept at finding fine offensive lineman in the later stages of the draft, and Armstead looks like another.
Jenkins:  He's a huge guy that is needed to play nose tackle in Rob Ryan's 3-4 defense.  The Saints spent a lot of time at the Senior Bowl with Jenkins and love his stout figure in stopping the run.  Again, another solid selection here for the Saints.  It was an area of need, and the Saints used their depth at running back to improve their defense.  If you look at the Chris Ivory deal closely, you could argue the Saints got a third round pick for Ivory and used it on Jenkins
Ivory:  As much of a fan favorite as he was, it was absolutely the right decision to trade him.  The Saints got good value for a player that played a relatively small role for them on offense.  Ivory will have a chance to shine in New York, and the Saints address an area of need.  New Orleans received good value for Ivory.
A look ahead:  The Saints now own a fifth and sixth round pick tomorrow.  It will be hard to get back into the fourth round tomorrow.  I don't anticipate that happening, but you never know with Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis.  The Saints still have some needs at WR, and CB.  Perhaps they draft Tulane Quarterback Ryan Griffin as a developmental type player to be the understudy to Drew Brees.
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Kristian: Vaccaro will prove to be the right pick
Kristian@wwl.com -  I can think of a lot of reasons the Saints could have selected a pass rusher with the 15th overall selection in round 1. I can think of a lot more reasons as to why they did the right thing by taking Vaccaro.  

The Saints passing defense was much maligned last year.  What do they do in the offseason?  Sign Kennan Lewis in free agency, and draft Vaccaro.  So much has been made about the production from the Safety position for the Saints.  The selection of Vaccaro tells me two things.  Safety Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins are on notice.   Harper and Jenkins have a total of 5 passes defensed in the post-season from 2009 to 2012.  By comparison, Scott Shanle has four, Jonathan Vilma has three, and Jabari Greer has 10.

After listening to Coach Sean Payton, it sounds like the Saints plan on using Vaccaro in the “nickel” package a lot.  “He’s a guy we felt comfortable with and have a good vision for, and what his skill set is,” explained Payton.  

One of the hallmarks of a Sean Payton roster is competition at every position. “Look, we’re going to have competition at both safety spots; we’re going to have completion at the nickel position.  This is a good young player we’ll add to our defense and we’ll see what happens.”

The selection of Vaccaro also tells me they like their current collection of pass rushers.  Junior Galette, Martez Wilson, and Victor Bulter are “unproven” as outside linebackers, but the three have a lot of upside.  I would expect New Orleans to add another pass rusher to the mix at some point over the next two days, and I would also expect them to add another defensive back to the mix. The Saints don’t have a second round pick and don’t pick again until the 75th overall selection. 
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Kristian: Loomis says Saints willing to move in draft
Saints GM Mickey Loomis spoke with reporters today in his annual pre-draft press conference.  Loomis opened our live broadcast in the brand-new Saints Media Facility by joking, “I guess this is the deal where you guys ask me questions, and I do the best I can not to answer them.“

Exploring all options:   With the team less than 48 hours away from the start of the NFL Draft, the team is exploring just about every option.   “I think we would say it’s a deep draft, there is a couple of positions that we think are deeper than others…probably defensively at corner, and the D-line positions.” Loomis said.  “But there’s good players all the way through this draft, so we’re excited to get five new guys in here, and get them started, and select some guys who are going to be contributors to our team.”

Click HERE to listen to the full Mickey Loomis press conference
Loomis dismissed the notion the team has been more active this year trying to recoup some draft picks. (The Saints don’t have a 2nd or 7th round pick this year).  “No, I wouldn’t say we’ve been more active….Obviously we don’t have a second round pick. We’d like to have one, particularly this is a year where it would be really good to have a second-round pick.  But, we haven’t been more active because of that,” Loomis told us.  “Those kinds of deals where you’re trading back and picking up selections are going to happen on the clock for the most part.”

The Saints GM explained they have about 15 players graded as “first round picks” with as many as 40 to 50 players graded as second round picks.

On moving up or down:   The Saints are pretty much smack dab in the middle of Round 1 (15th overall).  Loomis said the decision on whether to move back in the first round, if it happens, probably won’t happen until the Saints are on the clock.

“I think we would be willing to move back, but there is a point where we don’t want to go too far; and same thing with moving forward.  There is probably a group of 10-12 teams on either side of that I will touch base with. “

Loomis added the Saints won’t move back just for the sake of acquiring an extra pick.

“It’s going to be predicated on who is available to us, and who could we select if we move back, who we think we can select if we move back…versus just trying to get another pick."

Blind side:   At the league owners’ meetings earlier in the spring, Coach Sean Payton said the left tackle spot after losing Jermon Bushrod in free agency is a position that is “wide open” and it keeps him awake at night.  Today, Loomis said the team will pay attention to that position in the draft. 

“Look, we’ve got Charles Brown and Jason Smith competing there, and we’ve got some other young players in our building…and so, we’ve got competition there.  Clearly, we don’t have a name on that magnet at starting left tackle yet…But we can only select what’s available to us in the draft, or what’s available to us in a veteran player.  We’ll pay attention to that player.
Chris Ivory:  The Saints currently have five running backs on the roster.  Previously restricted free agent Chris Ivory (who signed his tender a couple of days ago) has been the subject of trade talks leading up to the draft.   The New York Jets are reportedly interested in landing the bruising running back, but according to Loomis, so are a few other teams.

“We’ve had discussions with other teams as well, (but) there is no deal imminent.”

Loomis explained the trade discussions centered on the team’s strength in numbers at the position.
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Kristian: Saints should trade Chris Ivory
The Saints might have an interest in trading running back Chris Ivory to the New York Jets on or before the draft on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. 

"I think the Jets would like to give up a fifth round pick, and the Saints probably want a fourth rounder for him. I think this deal will happen on draft, it makes to much sense for both sides," Brian Costello of the New York Post said. 

So what is the proper or right compensation for Chris Ivory?  A fourth rounder? A fifth rounder? You can forget about getting a second or third round pick from the Jets. 

If you get the chance to trade Chris Ivory and recoup a draft pick; you should not only do it, but do it in a hurry.

"I trade him under any circumstance, if you can get any pick for Ivory I think you make the trade," the Voice of the Saints Jim Henderson said.

Here is why I think a 4th or 5th round pick is fair compensation for Ivory:  The Saints have 5 picks, and they need all the help they can get to retool the league's worst defense from a year ago.   Ivory is often injured, and history says he won't be available for every game.  He makes $2 million this season on a 1 year restricted free agent tender.  That's a lot of money to pay for a fourth running back on the roster.  If you don't trade him this year, he hits the open market as an unrestricted free agent next season, and the Saints will get nothing in return for him. 

The Saints found Ivory as an unrestricted rookie free agent a few years ago and can get value for him.  That's considered a win for most NFL teams.  Did I mention he's always hurt?  Plus, Ivory is kind of one-dimensional.  Yes, he's powerful and can get you the tough yards in short down and distances, but you can find another player like him later in the draft if you so desire.  They can also go back to the same place they found Ivory, as a rookie free agent.  Ivory doesn't help you in the passing game either.  He has just three career receptions in 24 games played. Ivory is a good player, but his value is clearly a fourth or fifth round pick.  The NFL has devalued the running back position, now that it has become a "pass first" offensive oriented game.

I expect a deal to go down on day three of the draft, and in all likely hood it will be a fourth rounder in exchange.  The Saints have some leverage over the Jets.  New York needs running backs, and the Saints can use that to their advantage.  However, the Jets can counter with, 'Yeah, but you can't afford to keep 5 running backs on the roster, one of which makes $2 million dollars this season.'   Don't think for a second the Jets won't use Ivory's injury concerns as leverage as well.  The fourth year running back has played in just 12 games in the last two seasons with the Saints. 

If you have the chance to trade him, you do it.  The compensation should be right at a fourth or fifth round pick.  Please stop suggesting the Saints should trade Mark Ingram in lieu of Ivory.  Ingram doesn't present value to another team.  Ivory does.  Ingram isn't the better player at this point, but in the Saints offense he's more valuable to them than Ivory. 

WWL's Draft Fest starts this Thursday!  Click HERE for all the details...

(Photo by Chris Bennett)
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Kristian: Margus Hunt a target for Saints?
Kristian@wwl.com - Bear with me here! 

So imagine the Saints trading back in round 1, say as far as 29th or 30th.  Who could they target?  SMU defensive end Margus Hunt could be that guy.  

Most have Hunt going early in round 2, and it wouldn’t be that big of a reach selecting him around 28 or 30th overall.   Hunt originally attended SMU as a track athlete, but after the program folded, he was encouraged to try out for football.  To say the least, the Estonia native took to the game pretty well.  Margus had a stellar performance at the Hawaii Bowl.  He’s got great size at 6-8 and 277 lbs.  In his senior season he tallied 8 sacks.  NFL draft analyst Mike Detillier had high praise for Hunt in his draft guide: “Hunt has the size, speed, long arms, and power-skills to be a J.J Watt (Houston Texans) type of player.”

Hunt flashed great speed at the NFL scouting combine, clocking a 4.62 in the forty-yard dash.  Detillier says the mammoth defensive end is still a football novice, though.  “He’s still a work in progress as a football player and his age (25) and some injuries in the past could negatively affect his draft status,” Mike says.  The Saints could target this player later in round 1 and recoup some draft picks in the process of trading down.  It’s a bit far-fetched but it could happen.

My take:  I wouldn’t necessarily like trading out of the top fifteen in the draft to the bottom of round 1, but when you consider the Saints need draft choices, it’s not all that bad of a strategy.  I talked to Hunt at the Senior Bowl this past season and he’s an interesting player who seems eager to get his shot at the NFL level.  He comes with some huge question marks, but could end up being a real find for the team that lands him.

Photo by Jmcstrav at en.wikipedia via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

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Kristian: 2013 season begins today as Saints get back to work
Kristian@wwl.com - The Saints return to the team’s training facility today as they start organized team activities.  The Saints aren’t on the field yet, but will start conditioning and weight lifting in the early goings of training.  
The players are tweeting about their excitement to return to work.  “Excited to get back to work today w/ my teammates.  It’s gonna be a great year. Who Dat!” Saints wide receiver Land Moore posted on his Twitter account.  Fullback Jed Collins is also excited to be back with his teammates. “Woke up and realized it’s Day 1 of the 2013 season.  Time to get to work.”
The players who didn’t get to meet Sean Payton last year will get their chance today.  Drew Brees said at the end of last season that it will be a bit of a “culture shock” to some players when they finally meet their head coach.  
That’s right, the foundation for the season is being poured right now.  The NFL draft is 10 days away, and the Saints hit the field for some practices in few weeks.  Football will be here before we know it.  Thank God, because I can’t watch another episode of Duck Dynasty or Celebrity Apprentice. 

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Kristian: Mock Draft picks 16-32
Kristian@wwl.com - Here's part II of my mock draft. Click HERE to see my predictions for picks 1-15..
16.  St. Louis Rams—Barkevious Mingo (DE/OLB LSU).  The fact that he’s on the board still is mind boggling.  The Rams take the best player available. 
17.  Pittsburgh Steelers—Cordarelle Patterson (WR Tennessee).  The Steelers lost Mike Wallace in free agency, and replace his speed with a talented but unproven player. 
18.  Dallas Cowboys—Jonathan Cooper (OG, UNC).  Not the sexiest pick for Dallas but a safe one.  
19.  New York Giants—D.J Fluker (OT, Alabama) He’s an absolute crushing run blocker, and the Giants love to play smash mouth football, nice fit for the G-men. 
20.  Chicago Bears—Mantit Te’o (ILB, Notre Dame) South Bend isn’t far away, they lost Brian Ulracher in the off-season and Te’o looks like a logical choice here. 
21.  Cincinnati Bengals—Alec Ogletree (OLB Georgia) The Bengals love players with checkered pasts, and they get one here.  If he stays out of trouble this could be a really nice pick for the Bengals. 
22.  St. Louis Rams trade from Wash—Kennan Allen (WR California).  Sam Bradford needs some weapons in the worst way.  
23.  Minnesota Vikings—Kenny Vaccaro (FS, Texas) The Vikings jump at the chance to draft Vaccaro, the most physical safety in the draft. 
24.  Indianapolis Colts—Matt Elam (SS, Florida) the run starts on the safeties in the NFL draft. 
25.  Minnesota Vikings trade from Seattle—Desmond Trufant (CB Washington).  The Vikings go back to the defensive secondary and get another talented young player. 
26.  Green Bay Packers—Eddie Lacy (RB, Alabama) It’s a bit of a reach for the Packers, but they can afford to reach for a position they need. 
27.  Houston Texans—Matt Barkley (QB, Southern California).  They have Matt Schaub already, but he hasn’t been able to win the big one.  Barkley is good value at this point. 
28.  Denver Broncos—Damontre Moore (DE, Texas A&M) They lost Elvis Dummervil because of a fax contract issue.  
29.  New England Patriots—Sam Montgomery (DE, LSU)  The Pats love D-lineman from LSU, enough said. 
30.  Atlanta Falcons—Jonathan Banks (CB, Miss. State) The Falcons are a few DB’s away from making a run at the Super Bowl last season. 
31.  San Francisco 49ers—Alex Okafor (DE, Texas)  The Niners just reload with another fantastic defensive lineman. 
32.  Baltimore Ravens—Kevin Minter (LB, LSU) Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are gone.  It’s time to rebuild that defense.  
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Losing Ivory to Jets for 2nd-round pick would be win-win for Saints
A league source confirmed to me today that Saints running back Chris Ivory is visiting with the New York Jets this weekend.  Ivory is the last remaining restricted free agent on the Black and Gold Roster.   The saints have issued him a 2nd-round tender, a one-year, $2.023 million contract.  

What it means:  If Ivory signs with the Jets, the Saints would have to decide whether to match the offer or let him go.  If they do let him go to the Jets, the Saints would get the Jets’ 2nd-round pick.

My take:  It would be the best of both worlds if Ivory got picked up by the Jets and we were able to reclaim a 2nd round pick that was taken away as part of the “bounty” penalties.   I know some fans love Ivory for his physical style, but he’s somewhat limited in Sean Payton’s offense, not to mention he’s injured a lot.  The Saints are clogged at the running back position already.   Ivory has also had a problem staying healthy.  He also isn’t much of a factor in the passing game, and he’s not strong in blitz pickups.  

Ivory is looking for some long-term stability from any team, whether it be New Orleans or the Jets.  The Jets definitely need some help in the running game, but I was still a little surprised they’d be willing to give up a 2nd round pick to acquire Ivory.

Considering that the Saints picked up Ivory as an undrafted rookie free agent, to parlay that into a 2nd-round pick would be a win-win for the Black & Gold. 

UPDATE: Also, New York Daily News sports writer Manish Mehta says the Jets are interested in trading with the Saints for Ivory, but not for a 2nd-round pick.  Mehta will join me at 3:35 today to talk about what he's heard from sources in New York.

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Kristian: NFL mock draft picks 1-15
1.    Kansas City- OT Luke Joekel , Texas A&M:  He's the overall best player and the safest pick.

2.    Jacksonville- DT Sharrif Floyd, Florida:  The best defensive player on the board doesn't have to wait long to land with his new team.

3.    Oakland- OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan:  The Raiders need help in a variety of areas, Fisher is just a notch below Joekel.

4.    Philadelphia- CB Dee Milliner, Alabama:  After the Asomugha, and Cromartie left town it's time to revamp the secondary with a pro style athlete.

5.    Detroit- OLB Jarvis Jones, Georgia:  I know he's got injury concerns and didn't run well at his pro day, but Detroit can't help themselves.

6.    Cleveland- OLB Dion Jordan, Oregon:  Cleveland runs to the podium with this pick.  Jordan shouldn't be on the board when they go on the clock.  The Browns are elated.

7.    Arizona- QB Geno Smith, West Virginia:  I wouldn't pick him here, but I'm not the Cardinals.

8.    Buffalo- DE Ziggy Ansah, BYU:  The Bills defense needs a guy just like Ansah, he'll fit well in the Bills' new scheme.

9.    NY Jets- Cordarelle Patterson, Tennessee:  The mistakes continue for Rex Ryan and the Jets. 

10.    Tennessee- G Chance Warmack:  A safe pick, but a need pick to get Chris Johnson back to his galloping ways at running back.

11.    San Diego- WR Kennan Allen, California:  The Chargers probably should go offensive tackle, but Allen is a big receiver that Coach Mike McCoy likes on

12.    Miami- OT Lane Johnson, Oklahoma:  The Dolphins lost Jake Long in free agency.  This could be a trade with Johnson still on the board and teams eyeing a left tackle i.e. New Orleans.

13.    Tampa Bay- DE Bjoern Werner, Florida State:  The Bucs are a defensive team, that just got a little better with this pick.

14.    Carolina- DT Star Lotulelei, Utah:  Solid pick for the cash strapped Panthers who did little in free agency.

15.    New Orleans- WR Tavon Austin, West Virginia:  Yeah I know it's a surprise here, but it's very possible the Saints continue adding to their offense, wanting to keep the track game(s) they've grown accustom to.
I will have picks 16 through 32 coming up soon...
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Kristian: Rutgers coach fired? Too late!
So let me get this straight: Seven months ago, Rutgers University was fine with Mike Rice as their basketball coach after learning of a video showing Rice repeatedly physically and verbally abusing his players.  It was ONLY after that video went public that they felt the need to fire him.  (Scroll down to view the video of Rice abusing his players.)

Rutgers dismissed the coach today following a scathing ESPN broadcast yesterday, showing Rice shoving his players, dragging them by their jerseys, and hurling balls at their heads.  So, what changed from seven months ago?  Was public outrage the reason?  Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti didn’t fire his coach seven months ago, so why now?  

Too little, too late, if you ask me.  And, Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti should be fired as well.  

Where is the University President?  Robert L. Barchi is the President of Rutgers, the front page of his website reads, “Rutgers, a great university with an outstanding faculty, is well positioned to seize the opportunities before us. It’s the right time. It’s the right place. It’s time for Rutgers to assume the position of leadership.”

Well, this was an epic failure of leadership at all levels.  Tim Prenetti, and likely the school President, concealed the wrongdoings of the coach from the fan base, alumni, and national media for seven months.

Let’s take a look at the mission statement from the athletics department at Rutgers university.  “The mission of the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics is to reflect, reinforce, and enhance the educational mission of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey by creating an enfironment of excellence where student-athletes will develop the life skills, academic skills and athletic skills that will enable them to earn degrees, become leaders, and win championships.  In all areas of its operation, the Division’s student-athletes, coaches, staff and programs shall embody the core values of accountability, respect, integrity, academic achievement, community service, fairness, diversity, and sportsmanship."

A few things jump out at me about this whole sorry mess which show both Rice and Pernetti violated this mission statement.  The first one is "accountability."  Will Tim Pernetti hold himself accountable for not acting swiftly enough when he first learned about the video of his coach berating players and physically abusing players?  He sure didn’t hold Rice accountable for his actions seven months ago, unless you consider a three-game suspension and attending anger management class as "accountable."

"Respect" is another word in their mission statement.  Rice violated the respect aspect by using gay slurs toward his players.  

"Integrity?"  The definition of integrity is “The quality of being honest, and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”  People with a strong, solid moral compass don’t conceal behavior this disturbing...furthermore, they don’t partake in such behavior as Mike Rice did.

Finally, "sportsmanship."  It’s pretty clear Mike Rice’s actions fly in the face of sportsmanship and the university athletic department’s mission statement.

And while we’re looking at missions statements, let’s talk about the governing body of collegiate athletics, the NCAA.  What is their role in this? Did they know about the video?  If they did and didn’t act on it, they failed as well.  If they didn’t know about it, then they too were asleep at the wheel.  The NCAA hammered Penn State for the concealment of child rape from one of their former assistant football coaches.   Should the NCAA step in and sanction Rutgers for the concealment of a coach physically and verbally abusing his players?  

In cases like this, the NCAA has used the catchall "lack of institutional control" finding to punish programs.  Let’s see if they use it.  The NCAA will likely argue they don’t delve into university business...but this is not just "university business," but the business of all college sports fans, moms, dads, and future student athletes will designs on attending Rutgers in the future.  

I reached out to the University President for comment on this story, but was told by a university spokesman Dr. Barchi is not conducting interviews on this matter.  (Big surprise, right?)

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