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Kristian: Falcons offer to Bush up to $4.5 million

The Atlanta Falcons signed Saints restricted free agent safety Rafael Bush to an offer sheet earlier this week.  The deal is 2 years, worth up to $4.5 million dollars per a source I spoke to.

New Orleans has been busy in the last few days, signing safety Marcus Ball and cornerback Champ Bailey.  Ironically Bush's career started in Atlanta as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2010.  The Saints have until April 8th to match the offer from Atlanta.  If the Saints choose not to match the offer, the team would not be entitled to any compensation for losing Bush.  

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Now that we know the numbers the Saints are working with, what should they do?  Match the offer, or let Bush go to the dirty birds?  Bush's replacement might have already been signed earlier in the week, not to mention the face the Saints can get a player that fills his role in the Draft in May.  

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04/04/2014 6:47PM
Kristian: Falcons offer to Bush up to $4.5 million
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04/04/2014 7:01PM
We can let him go.With the signing of Champ.
04/04/2014 7:16PM
bush offer sheet
If we can get champ, we should let him go.
04/04/2014 7:20PM
cut brees
He's overrated and takes a lot of cap space.
04/04/2014 7:33PM
He was pretty good during his stint here. I think with the addition of champ, we'll b in goodshape. Move on (dirty bird)
04/04/2014 7:49PM
Let him go to Atlanta, Champ Bailey gives us a better chance to win.
04/04/2014 7:50PM
He Knows Brees
The Dirty Burds are buying intelligence on Brees and the Saints' offense. They STILL won't be able to stop it.
04/04/2014 7:50PM
Cut Brees? Lol
Yea cut one of the Best QB's in the NFL, glad your not a GM Moron
04/04/2014 8:24PM
I second that
What moron could possibly want to cut the best quarterback in the New Orleans Saints history and possibly one of the best ever in the NFL!!
04/04/2014 8:28PM
cut ....
Best QB in Saints history. ....RIGHT
04/04/2014 8:58PM
I third that
Who would cut a FHOF QB? No one in their right mind. Bush would be better to stay and learn from champ, but it's tough to say we'd be better for keeping him.
04/04/2014 9:00PM
Bush and Champ
Plays two different positions, also the newly signed safety is a strong safety and plays in the box more like Roman Harper did. He's not a center field type of safety like Bush and Byrd. Match the deal.
04/04/2014 9:07PM
drunken idiots
Shouldn't be allowed. When you suggest to cut Brees and challenges' Brees' stature of the best QB in clubs history your got to be drunk, an idiot, both or a falcon fan which is all of the above and worse. Which is it?
04/04/2014 9:11PM
Let him go,let's get gram signed up
04/04/2014 10:42PM
Fail Clowns
Oh no! The fail clowns will get our backup safety!
04/04/2014 11:56PM
Champ Bailey will help us on defense! WHODAT!
04/05/2014 1:07AM
Sign him, now.
Sign him, he hits hard. Dirty birds up to their dirty tricks.
04/05/2014 11:05AM
need him
He filled in admirally last season with Harper out. Its tough to swallow what it will take to keep him, but he knows the system. Champ will help but how much really does he have left, besides 2 different positions. Also new safety signed has never playedin the nfl or its speed.
04/05/2014 1:16PM
A good player
A good player R.Bush is but I don't think he'sworth for 4.5 million if their is a way to keep him yea lets keep him but if it hurts the Saints with cap room no the price is to high.
04/05/2014 8:21PM
Sign Bush
Get rid of brees and graham
04/05/2014 9:07PM
You are a dirty bird
You are a dirty bird in disguise . To suggest get rid of Brees an Graham.So what your sating if we get rid of the best players the Saints have an we have a lot off good players but two of our best we will be better wait a minute that disguise your wearing is starting to show red an black not black an gold hey your a dirty bird fly back to Atlanta you smelly dirty bird you!!!
04/06/2014 11:07AM
Good Player but
Bush is good Safety but only average. Now he will be a dirty bird. His play will go down now because he will be Brees twice. I saw him in practice, watch Bress double pump him.
04/07/2014 11:48AM
Match the offer.
Match the offer and then restructure one of the guards' contracts to free up some money.
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