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Kristian: Can Loomis pull off Houdini act?

The Saints are projected to be $17 million dollars over the 2014 salary cap, which is set at $126 million. General Manager Mickey Loomis is one of the best salary cap guys in the NFL "He is going to have to be Houdini to pull this one off," said Sports Agent Mark Bloom of the work ahead for Loomis and the Saints. 

Audio: Sean Payton tells Angela about the toughest part of his job

Sure, the Saints can clear the cap space with several moves. It's not just about cap space to sign potential free agent targets, but also retain their own free agents. TE Jimmy Graham is the top priority and will command top dollar. Saints Coach Sean Payton says fans need not worry: "We have smart fans, they can read between the lines. They won't need to panic". 

A big portion of salary cap relief can come from a restructuring of Drew Brees's contract.  Brees accounts for roughly $18 million dollars of cap space. Brees said after the season he would be willing to restructure but hasn't been approached by the team as of yet. 

Audio: Mickey Loomis discusses Brees' contract

Mickey Loomis AKA "Houdini" might not lock himself in a water tank with chains around his arms, but he will pull of a bit of a magic trick getting Graham under contract and leaving enough room for the Saints to sign a couple of other players on the market. 

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01/17/2014 12:45PM
Kristian: Can Loomis pull of Houdini act?
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01/17/2014 1:13PM
Houdini here
Releasing W.Smith and Roman Harper takes care of most of the 17mil wwe're over. Give L.Moore pay cut are get cut ultamaitum. Redo give J. Greer 2yr 6 million deal he's coming injury with his age. How much cap dpace did I just create with teamintact
01/17/2014 6:13PM
Mickey Loomis is...
GENUIS! He'll make it happen. I BELIEVE...
01/17/2014 6:15PM
Mickey Loomis is GENIUS!
He'll make it happen. I BELIEVE...
01/17/2014 6:29PM
Mickey can work the numbers
Time to let loose of Vilma and maybe Will Smith
01/17/2014 6:35PM
I believe BR
01/17/2014 7:55PM
Cut Vilma, Smith, Harper. Restructure Moore, Brees& Evans. Franchise Jimmy until fa is over.
01/18/2014 1:28AM
Let's get real
W. Smith, R. Harper and J. Vilma should be released. Trades/releasing of P. Thomas and D. Sproles would not only create enough salary cap releaf, but set the saints up for the next 3-5 seseasons. It would also give them 2 or more Draft picks.
01/18/2014 1:46AM
Let's get real 2
Before you get in a huff over Sproles and Thomas remember it's a business and Sproles will be 31 and Thomas 30 next season and are shells of their former selves. Injuries and father time have caught up. Believe your eyes when you watched Ingram and Robinson run with authority with confidence. Cadet can carry the load as receiving back/returner. Also the restructuring of both starting guards and Brees' contract will enable them to go after a few decent young free agents. Think about it.
01/18/2014 1:57AM
Let's get real 3
1st priority is to resign Martel Wilson if they can. 2nd to draft a pass rushing OLB. 3rd draft another big cover CB and a true (3-4) ILB. 4th please draft a TE that can block.
01/18/2014 7:50AM
Big E Uptown
There's a lot of new talent out there. This is a business and you just have to let go off some older players to make room for that new talent.
01/18/2014 9:59AM
New Saints Song for the Black and Gold!!!
01/19/2014 10:08AM
john in raceland
We need offensive line help , cover corner,wide receiver,ilb .Jimmy for a 1st, 2 seconds and a fourth rounder
01/20/2014 11:23AM
Billy Mee
Release Vilma, W Smith, and Harper. Franchise Graham. And find help with the offensive tackle position, another big possession receiver like Colston, and more depth on defense!
01/20/2014 11:25AM
01/21/2014 3:59AM
Trade Graham? Ur smoking crack!
That makes about as much sense as The republicans in Louisiana saying on a recent poll, that obama was more to blame for the Katrina response than Bush. What the hell have we come to? Thank god mickeymakes these decisions and not these Rocket Scientistswe have in our populus.
01/23/2014 2:13PM
Keep Graham and Trade the Squirrels
In the Patriots game, Aqib Talib was allowed to jump on Graham's back on every play, whether it was within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage, whether he had the ball, was getting the ball or even if he was a decoy. It resulted in Talib injuring Graham's foot. Try running a route with someone on your back every play for an entire game, the added weight could cause your foot or something else to fail. Before the Pat's game, no one had questioned Graham's toughness. The refs were at fault for his injury for not calling Talib for obvious roughing or PI. Jimmy Graham has played the entire season on a bad foot, and yet, was very productive. Any one suggesting that the Saints let him go because he is too soft needs to go play with the squirrels like Buddy D use to say. You think you know but you just don't know. Go ask Coach Mora.
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