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Kristian: Butler catches up with Rob Ryan, ''Nnamdi Watch'' continues

03-21-13  Kristian@wwl.com    

With free agent LB Victor Butler visiting the Saints, I think the chances are very strong he doesn't leave New Orleans Friday without a deal in place.  Butler has made a handful of visits to other teams and not worked out a deal, because he wants to be with the Saints if the money is right.  

Butler studied for two seasons under Rob Ryan when the two were in Dallas.  OLB is an area of need for the Saints, and Butler also brings some pass rush ability to the Saints defense.  He's a bit unproven in four years in the league, but is at the perfect age of 25 with seemingly his best football in front of him.

Asomugha Nnamdi:  This is such a difficult one to call.  Nnamdi is owed $4 million by the Eagles as a part of the five year deal he signed 2 years ago.  The 49ers and Saints are in the hunt for the veteran corner back and the difference could be Rob Ryan.  This is clearly a case of Asomugha trying to find the right fit.  Stay tuned.

Herring:  Linebacker Will Herring has reportedly agreed to re-sign with the Saints for a one-year contract.  It's more of a depth move that's low-risk for the team.  I think he's questionable to make the team...He'll have to earn it.  

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03/21/2013 2:00PM
Kristian: Butler catches up with Rob Ryan, “Nnamdi Watch” continues
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03/21/2013 3:15PM
We want both of them.
Butler and Asomugha would definitely be great assets to our defense and to the WHO DAT NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03/21/2013 4:01PM
We Want Dat!
I want to see both Asomugha and Butler in Saints uniforms this fall. I believe they both could start on defense, and would be a much needed boost to our D!
03/21/2013 5:59PM
don't need asomugha
He is going to want to much money for a cb on his last half of his career. Saints have some good young guys.
03/21/2013 6:42PM
Ed Reed, Charles Woodson .. wha' happened?
Did the Saints even consider talking to them?
03/21/2013 7:05PM
Butler yes, Nnamdi .... Not so sure !!!
I don't know that they could start Nnamdi over Greer right now.
03/21/2013 7:28PM
Bring on Butler
I'd be shocked if he didn't sign. Asomugha I'm still a little unsure but then again I trust Sean and Mr Loomis judgement. They took a huge chance on Brees and Sharper and I think we all know how that turned out!!!!!
03/21/2013 9:22PM
Love Nnamdi
He was in wrong Defense in philly.
03/22/2013 7:42AM
Nnamdi's going to sign today!!!! Get it dont Mickey
Hopefully Mickey is waiting to give us fans some good news for the weekend.....Butler N Nnamdi signed, trade some RB's (PT & Ivory)to clear some space....
03/22/2013 9:21AM
Nnamdi and Butler
It would be great news indeed to have both! However, I would consider trading Ivory before Thomas simply because his run style. With the new rule changes, Ivory would cost the Saints more in penalties and fines. I wish we could keep them both because I like the fact that Ivory punishes defenders, it excites the team.
03/23/2013 5:21PM
sign Nnamdi please
I watched the Saints philly game to see how played and he was awsome. He did get scored on one time by colston but the ref picked him to the ground. Savy move by #12. Other than that he played great. I really think he was in the wrong defense in Philly. He even came up and gave great run support. If you dont believe me. Watch the game. He doesnt have to replace greer...#21 is the odd dude out. He Sucks
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