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Kristian: Brees reports feeling "like I'm 25 years old"

We all know Drew Brees isn’t in his twenties anymore. Heck when he came to New Orleans in 2006 he 27 years old, so at age 35, Brees is still doing everything he can to prepare and play at a high level.  

Brees doesn’t feel close to his current age: “Each and every year I can still get a little bit better. I’m not in the decline like most guys in their mid-thirties, but in my mind, I’m not in my mid thirties; I’m 25 years old." Brees' thinking goes right in line with societal views about age. Age is truly a number, but in the NFL, where Father Time chimes for everyone, how much longer can Drew Brees play?  

Brees says “Certainly there are things that come with you getting older, a bit more maintenance, more recovery. Maybe you train a little bit different, but I think so much of it is a mindset.”  Brees added that he feels like he could play another 10 years: “That would be my goal, there is no reason why I couldn’t do that." 

Let’s all hope Brees turns that mindset into reality. He’s coming off his third straight year of 5,000 or more yards passing, including two rushing touchdowns last season. Let’s also not forget that Peyton Manning set all kind of passing records and lead Denver to a Super Bowl at age 37 last season.  It can definitely be done, Brees can certainly play his best football in the back half of his career.  I’m a year older than Brees, and maybe he’s right - it is just a mindset. I know I don’t feel 36, but I don’t think I could pass for 25, so lets just say late 20’s. If Brees thinks he can play until he’s 45, I hope that he will!  

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07/25/2014 3:32PM
Kristian: Brees reports feeling "like I'm 25 years old"
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07/26/2014 11:56PM
Restructure contract
If drew wants to play ten more years he needs to give up some to get better offensive line. Does he want to win more Super Bowls or make 20 mill
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