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Kristian: Boring Olympic Games in need of overhaul

I have to confess, I’ve watched maybe 5 minutes of the Winter Olympics this year.  For an event that comes around every four years, it should command more of my attention.

Sure, I want Team USA anything to win every gold medal they can.  However, it’s just not worth my time to watch! Ice Dancing, Curling, and Cross Country Skiing aren't exactly must-watch TV.  Skeleton?  Yeah! That get’s my attention, but only for a few minutes. Hockey? Yeah, but unless it’s the medal round, I’m really not that interested.  The Olympics is great white noise in the background while reading a book, surfing the web, twitter etc.  Watching an Olympic event from start to finish is painful. 

Most Olympic events are against a clock or judged by a human being that might not be able to remove bias necessary to objectively render judgment on the competition. I like speed skating, but once you’ve seen one skater fly around the rink in a tight suit, you’ve seen them all.  What about snowboarding?  That’s interesting, if they crash.

What is the best and worst Olympic sport/event?  Hard to pick one on either side of the spectrum, it’s just that archaic and boring. Most of the Olympic (dare I say) Games have been in since 1924.  Nearly 90 years of Ice Skating, Bobsleigh, and Cross Country Skiing. OUCH!

The Olympics have time working against them. Thankfully they’re only relevant every four years. Could you imagine if it were every year?  Let’s overhaul it.  I’ll trade you one Bobsleigh for one 7-on-7 flag football.  I’ll trade you one Ice Dancing for one Ice Fishing.  I’ll trade you curling for deer hunting.  We'll keep Skeleton, Hockey, and ski jumping in.

We’re a now society!  We want modern sports, with risk and constant evolution. We want a little violence, danger and drama.  I think mopping the floor would be more interesting as a sport than curling.  I get the Olympic games are supposed to rival medieval times, but let’s get with the modern times here. 

Now see, I can get into the Summer Olympics. Tons of those sports are interesting to me. Boxing! See, it’s filled with drama and a little violence. "Kristian... what about Beach Volleyball?" Of course anything with women in bikinis is intriguing. And what says "tough" like full on tackle with no pads? Keep Rugby forever! How about Diving?  Nothing says "big time guts" than jumping off a 100 foot platform into water that feels like cement if you mess it up.  

Of course, the Summer Games are not without their fair share of snooze-fest sports.  Artistic and Rhythmic gymnastics are at the top of that list. Let’s trade again. Or better yet, let’s just cut those out altogether. Wrestling! Weightlifting! Golf! All keepers!  Should Basketball remain?  Of course, USA dominates! Keep it!  

Notice I didn’t say soccer. It’s not listed as soccer, but listed as Football. When I hear football I think of guys in shoulder pads and scores that combine for a higher total than three.

What sport would you add or take away from the Summer or Winter Olympics?  We don’t need to bring back Baseball. What about skydiving? That sounds cool, right?  Or even Sharp Shooting?  Marksmanship is impressive.

NASCAR should be an Olympic sport.

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02/20/2014 10:34AM
Kristian: Boring Olympic Games in need of overhaul
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02/21/2014 12:04PM
Boring sports
You are so right! My God, curling is beyond boring, it's mindbendingly boring. In fact, when I watch it I feel agitated and irritated its so bad. Spm
02/21/2014 1:42PM
Change ups
Add in MMA, it can be either summer or winter, though Brazil might win every medal in that. Bring in Lacrosse, its a hell of a sport to watch. Football and hockey put together, what's not to love? I'd like to see the shooting events modified in some way, its not really entertaining to see people shoot at clay pigeons. Lets make it a combat exercise, each competitor has to make their way through a wooded area while shooting a series of targets, both moving and stationary, using a variety of weapons. Handguns, rifles, shotguns, and a bow. The event is scored on accuracy and time through the course. This could also be either summer or winter.
02/26/2014 2:09AM
This article is boring not the olympics
03/01/2014 11:47AM
You Sound Immature
I enjoyed many of the Olympic competitions, from ice dancing to halfpipe snowboarding to skiing, and one of the most exciting hockey games was not a medal game. Sounds like you should broaden your horizons. And God forbid you have respect for tradition or anything that is older than five years ago; everything should be new and modern. Pathetic. You made yourself sound ridiculous in this post, Kristian.
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