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Kristian: A bust in Canton for Eli?

What do quarterbacks Dan Marino, Warren Moon, and Dan Fouts have in common?  They don't have a Super Bowl ring, and they're all in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning has two Super Bowl victories in 8 seasons in the NFL.  He is also a two-time Super Bowl MVP.  Does he belong in Canton?

Before you answer that question let's pretend Manning suddenly walked away from the game. 

"It's hard to argue the wins and losses, and the championships.  That is how we (quarterbacks) are judged at the end of the day," said Saints quarterback Drew Brees.  "If he didn't play anymore football from here on out.   I think he should deserve serious consideration for it (Hall of Fame)." 

Click here to listen to Brees...

Manning is 31 years old and likely has another 6 to 7 years left in the league.  It's conceivable to think he'll get one, perhaps two more shots at a Super Bowl before it's over.  However, if it all ended today, I think Manning is a first ballot guy!  Look at the numbers.  They're staggering.

He's thrown for over 27,000 yards and 185 touchdown passes.  Manning came into the league in 2004, and since 2005 he hasn't missed a start.  Reliability is a factor when considering the all time best at a position.  The younger brother of Peyton, has done it in a large media market. "That market can be tough, and he's fought through his share of adversity," Brees added.  I think the biggest problem people have with Eli is that he's never been dominant in the regular season.  That really doesn't matter!  What does he do in the postseason?  WIN!  Manning has engineered 7 straight road play off wins for the Giants.  He carried them when they were banged up this past season on defense, not to mention he's had different skill position players seemingly year in and year out. 

"I think Manning has reached the point in his career that he now makes everyone better, and that's the sign of a great quarterback," NFL network analyst Brian Baldinger explained. 

68-44 is the regular season record of Eli since taking over as the full time Giants starter in 2005.  That's not necessarily "eye popping," but very respectable.  He and the Gaints have never had a losing record in his time as the trigger man in New York.  Manning is 8 and 3 in the play offs, and more importantly he is unbeaten in the biggest game of the year... the Super Bowl. 

Brees has some staggering passing numbers of his own, and most people believe he's a first ballot Hall of Famer with one Super Bowl title - so far.  Eli has two already!  He's in! No doubt about it.  I should also mention that he's a Manning, and with that comes a certain air of respect and admiration.  I don't have a vote, but if I did Manning would not only be a first ballot Hall of Famer right now, he would also go down as the best QB in the Manning family.  Eli, keep stacking up the postseason wins, but either way a bust in Canton awaits you.   When he does make his trip into football immortality, he'll probably be criticized during his induction speech for not having enough charisma or fire or some other lame reason.  He wins championships, and that is how you measure greatness.

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02/09/2012 12:40PM
Kristian: A bust in Canton for Eli?
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02/09/2012 3:58PM
Eli is not dull
He has gained the reputation of being a poor interview. But on Letterman after SB 46, he was great and gave as good as he got. People should revise their thinkng on this.
02/10/2012 9:56AM
Yes, Eli is absolutely a HOFer
The naysayers are grasping at straws. Eli Manning gave the closest thing to a guarantee this year without saying a word. People laughed at his elite comment and what does he do? He goes out and wins the freaking Superbowl. Wow. And the SB MVP twice within four years. He set NFL records in the fourth quarter, carried a "middling" team to the post season. I have no idea what the likes of Kurt Warner are talking about in terms of Eli not being "that guy". Eli has not only been "that guy" but THE GUY. He continually goes on the road and beats other Superstar qb's. Really, Eli Manning IS a HOFer. If the likes of Warner need a few more years from Eli, then so be it. It's just a few more years to shut the naysayers up for good.
02/11/2012 8:29AM
Eli will get in HOF after playing days end eventually. If he plays 6 more years and has regualar passing yardage and no more SB's, however, he will probably have to wait a few years after becoming eligible.... Moon, Marino and Fouts are in obviously for performance in regular season....big numbers... This is why many still rank Peyton Manning ahead of Eli......all those big pass yardage seasons and great season records even with one less SB win! If Marino or Fouts had won a SB or two they would be called best of all time. Eli needs to have either another SB, or get there, along with some better records and/or passing yards in reg season to improve his ranking with most. Ask people to rank the top ten QB's of all time and many more would have Peyton on that list than Eli!! If Eli quit right now, he would get in the hall, maybe not on first ballot, but he would get in......time will tell if he changes that timing as his career continues. However, no one can doubt that he IS a winner!
02/15/2012 2:10PM
I do not thimk that Eli is a bust even though he played at Ole Miss. Give the guy a chance I think he will make it to the superbowl one day.
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