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Kristian: Still plenty of time for Brees & Saints

There is still an eternity of time for the Saints and Drew Brees to work out a long term deal before Monday's 3pm deadline.  While the Who Dat Nation is anxious, I would caution everyone not to get worked up for nothing. 

The good news is that both sides want the deal to get done. The Saints have offered Brees $19.25 million per year.  Brees wants $20.5 million.  Where is the middle ground?  That is what the Saints and Brees have to come up with.  Teams are careful not to outbid themselves in scenario's such as this.  New Orleans has exclusive negotiating rights with Brees at this point, why would they get into a bidding war with themselves. 

The Saints have 4 days to work out a deal, and are a little more than a million dollars apart.  That's chump change by NFL standards!  If you are the Saints with time still in your favor would you come in with your best offer?  The answer should be no.  What you'll see here is monumental increases throughout the next few days to get that number closer to 20.5 million. 

If you're Brees, you aren't accepting an offer when you still have sand in the hour glass.  Why would you?  The Saints know they're going to pay Drew Brees, and Brees knows in the end the Saints are going to win the contract war.  How big of a victory is up to Brees.  The Saints are trying to preserve the integrity of their roster, while Brees is trying to maximize his value.   Contracts inevitably favor the employer when it's all said and done. 

The Saints don't want Brees on a 1 year franchise tag tender for 2012.  Brees doesn't want it either.  That's all the more reason the deal should get done.  It will be at the 11th hour, but the contract will be ironed out.

Monday will anxiety filled, but joyous relief comes at 3pm that afternoon. 

What about the reports that Brees will not report to training camp if a deal is not done by Monday?  Welcome to negotiating!  Each side is doing their best in the final hours to get the other side to blink.  Agents leak things to help their client.  Those reports may be accurate and truthful, but you can bet it's a negotiating tactical move as the clock ticks faster and faster.

Read more about Brees and the Saints contract negotiations by clicking here...

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07/12/2012 7:25AM
Kristian: Still plenty of time for Brees & Saints
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07/12/2012 8:46AM
This Deal Should Have Been Done Months Ago
It should have never gotten this far to the deadline, where Drew Brees is still unsigned. The man outplayed his contract right away, and is basically wanting his just due for what he's done. I know the Saints aren't in the best situation right now with the salary cap, but how could you not think it important to lock up THE best player in the history of your franchise? Drew's a stand up guy and it's never seemed to have been about the money, but I'm willing to bet that he believed the Saints wouldn't have stretched this deal out for so long. With the bountygate ordeal going on this offseason, it's time for some good news. I believe it's more so a matter of when, not if the deal gets done. However, this still leaves a bad taste in the mouth of Saints fans, particularly those who have stood behind the organization for years as I have, seeing many greats slip away because Benson & Co. doesn't want to show them the green. Pay him the money, give him the honor of retiring a Saint and let him bring us back to a few more Super Bowls before then.
07/12/2012 12:35PM
yearly amount vs guarateed amount ?
I'm wondering how much of the problem is the yearly amount, or is it the "guaranteed" amount that is causing the hold up ?
07/12/2012 3:47PM
I'm Not worried
What difference does it make as long as they agree to a deal. Another factor is what happens if Drew becomes injured and his contract is guaranteed for 75%, the Saints get the shaft in the long run.
07/12/2012 3:50PM
more than just average yearly salary, its about the Guarantee
The issue isn't just the yearly salary, they're about 10mil off from each other when talking about guaranteed money, in the NFL, that's the only number that matters, the average per year doesn't really mean anything, so, they are further apart than you think and the Saints DO want Brees to play under the franchise tag b'c they get him for closer to 16mil and if he gets hurt they aren't out an extra 50mil b'c he doesn't have a long term contract. It's what all owners would prefer. It's why it was such a big deal that the arbitrator ruled that this was Bree's 2nd time franchised, not 1st, b'c the Saints would prefer to Franchise him again next year if it was only his 1st. I don't think the author of this article has read up on the details.
07/12/2012 3:50PM
Rod in Sacramento
The deal will be done before the deadline. As a lifelong Saints fan. I was 12 years old when the Saints started play in 1967. I remember getting excited when they were winners in pre-season. Superbowl winners we are,because QB is the most important position on the team this must get done if in the near future we are to be Superbowl winners again and again. Just get it done. We had enough off season bad news. We need some really good news like Drew signing the 5 or 6 year deal.
07/12/2012 4:02PM
Rod in Sacramento
Drew Brees in my opinion is the best QB in the league. I would not trade him for any other QB including the guy playing for Green Bay. From me,a Guidry in Sacramento,that happens to be Catholic, I am praying that this gets done soon. Let's all praythat it gets done soon. I listen to WWL over the internet. Thank God for that, so I can listen to Saints games that I don't get in 49er and Raider country.
07/12/2012 4:11PM
Rod in Sacramento
That's Rod Guidry by the way for everyone reading. You know I can remember getting excited when as a kid of 12 years old when the Saints won 3 games their 1st year. Then they got to .500 wins. Then Playoffs. Then Playoff win, etc. Superbowl winner.If we are to win Superbowls soon, we need Drew Brees. As a Catholic in Sacramento, I go to Mass everyday and I am pray that the deal gets done very soon. Let's all us Christians pray that it gets done.
07/12/2012 6:49PM
Come on Man
K, Come on man, it is the guaranteed money that is the issue. How did you miss that detail?
07/12/2012 8:48PM
i don't care if your christians, everyone pray! haha
I agree Rod, we need Bree's, we also need all the help we can get, it doesn't matter if you're a christian, if you're a saints fan, pray to whoever works for ya! It's not a done deal yet like Kristian thinks, no offense Kristian
07/13/2012 5:44PM
Prayers Answered Done Deal
Looks like all of our prayers paid off. We get to have Brees, and up and coming stars to lead us to another SB. I am looking forward to our 1st. game.
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