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Kristian: Spagnuolo will be great for the Saints

Steve Spagnuolo is a great choice for the Black & Gold defense.  I think he was the top candidate all along, even though Coach Payton had said he wanted to take his time and look around the NFL and college.  He was the best candidate out there.  He's the one who has the resume - He has a Super Bowl Championship as a defensive coordinator with the Giants.  He was kind of the architect that built that defense and had the game plan to knock off the previously unbeaten New England Patriots. 

I think it's an excellent hire for the Saints.  It should be relatively painless in terms of the transition.  He's an aggressive defensive coordinator, and I really, really like the hire.

In terms of what he needs to (no pun intended) tackle first, he needs to get more out of that front four…Sacking the passer and getting pressure on the QB with just four guys.  Under Gregg Williams, the Saints would bring five and six guys on almost 50 percent of the snaps...Spagnola traditionally has liked getting pressure with just the front four.  That's the biggest challenge: Maximizing that front four to get pressure on the quarterback.

Although he didn't have a lot of success as a head coach with the Rams, but don't judge him by that.  The guy has been a very well-respected defensive coordinator in this league, and has studied under some of the best defensive coordinators while he was cutting his teeth in this league.  And remember, Gregg Williams also didn't have the best of luck as a head coach, but was very solid as a defensive coordinator.  Totally different personality than Williams, though, a little more reserved...but certainly a guy that knows how to coach an NFL defense.

SOUND OFF below!  Do you agree with Kristian that "Coach Spag" will be a great choice for the Saints D? 

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01/19/2012 7:02PM
Kristian: Spagnuolo will be great for the Saints
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01/19/2012 10:20PM
awesome. i'm already excited about training camp.
01/19/2012 11:58PM
Makes my day!
The last time the Saints hired a DC who gave them hell before, there was a SB win after!
01/20/2012 1:39AM
I was hoping that he would be the guy to replace Williams. As far as guys who coach 4-3 defenses, he was the best choice out there!
01/20/2012 3:03AM
Hope your'e right shorty
At home for the Super Bowl in 2013.
01/20/2012 7:15AM
Super Bowl in Tha Dome!
Hmm, should I start saving money for a return home for the Super Bowl?! Hell yeah!! Who Dat!!
01/20/2012 7:39AM
necessary timely coping mechanism
as tough as this week has been, as soon i heard greg left, and spag and del rio were candidates, i PRAYED that we got spags. No doubt an excellent scheme he had against pats in SB.So the needs somewhat cured my candlestick heartache.
01/20/2012 8:16AM
fun time
Now the fun will begin
01/20/2012 9:22AM
nothing wrong with a little reservation
I love our agressive defensive style, but as we found out in the last 1:30 of the game, there is a time to be conservative. Hopefully Spags knows where to find proper balance.
01/20/2012 9:37AM
Pressure baby Pressure
Maybe we can get some pressure on the QB now we gave all them way to much time
01/20/2012 9:45AM
Jack Del Rio
There was some talk about Jack Del Rio...and supposedly his son is enrolled at Newman...is there any truth to maybe Del Rio joining the staff?
01/20/2012 10:01AM
the saints will be back in the super-bowl in the n.o.l.a.
01/20/2012 11:29AM
GREAT CHOICE!!!!! WIlliams was good but only got pressure when we brought 5 or 6 and sometimes got burned in secondary...
01/20/2012 12:24PM
We lost the playoff with the 49ers because of the lack of pressure on Smith and abysmal defensive lapse by the defense in the final minutes.The defensive backs made too many tackles all season.We need an upgrade at linebacker.Spagnola has the resume but does he have the horses?Change in defensive coordinator was long overdue.
01/20/2012 12:45PM
Who Dat In Louisiana
I love the choice, come on next year!!!
01/20/2012 6:52PM
Excellent Choice!!!!
This is an excellent choice for the Black & Gold!!!! I agree with the others, we left our secondary out there hanging a lot & got burned. Let's sure up this defense & got ring #2 in 2013!!!! I can't wait until training camp!!!
01/20/2012 7:50PM
Great DC
Great choice. Funny,the last four letters of his name is NOLA!!!
01/21/2012 3:16PM
Not quite NOLA, the last fives letters of his last name are N-U-O-L-O.
01/22/2012 7:37AM
Change is Good
Williams was part of our Super Bowl victory which will live forever. You can even say the same thing about Bush and Shockey. BUT.....now we have Sproles, Graham and SPAGNUOLA !!! 2 Dat Time !!!
01/22/2012 7:39AM
How bout
Out with the old and in with the NUOLA
01/25/2012 12:36PM
No way on the face of this or any other planet should we have lost to stinking niners.Whatsa even more strange is they did with same exact play, throw slant to davis with jenkins defending and getting zero help. Ray Charles could have told you that was where Smith was going. AND we had sacked smith each time we blitzed. Everyone knew he had to throw. Just put a ton of pressure on hoim and he will make a mistake . BUT, you can't lay this on the D. If offense holds unto ball and does not gift wrap 17 points ,we win easily. What is it with the Saints and road games. Good teams win on the road, especially over rams, bucs. We win one of those and we are at home all the way through. Who thinks niners beat us in the dome, NOBODY. Do you really think the giants would have beat us in NFC champ game, NOT. Can you imagine our team with a defense? I think williams put it on auto pilot after SB win. I mean really, we had 26 turnovers ,D did, in Sb year, next 26 games we had 16. C'MON MAN. I really hope rams are on the schedule in 2012. IN THE DOME. I would love to rock GWs world. Fisher will not be the answer for lowly rams. SAINTS will get ring #2 IN THE DOME!!!
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