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Kristian: Shocked at first, but it makes sense

My first reaction to the penalties was utter disbelief.  One YEAR?? But at the same time, when you look at the Commissioner and how he rules this league with an iron fist, after you step back and start to think about it….It makes sense. He was lied to by the Saints, by Sean Payton, by Mickey Louis…And he doesn’t take kindly to that.  We saw instances of that when he punished Mike Vick.  He didn’t punish Vick as severely as he did because of the dog fighting itself, but it was because he gave him a chance to be forthright and forthcoming, and he lied.  That’s what Goodell has a problem with, the intent mislead investigators in this case, and the intent to conceal it.

Now, when it comes to the Drew Brees contract… Brees holds all the cards now. As the days go on, the fans will need something to hang their hat on, they need a shred of good news.  And that would come in the form of Drew Brees, and his camp knows that, and his people can leverage that against the Saints if they want too.  It’s going to get worked out, but this cloud that is over this team right now makes it difficult to negotiate contracts…and with Loomis and his looming suspension coming, the pressure is on, because he won’t be able to be around any organizational aspect of the team for months.

As for the player suspensions… The NFL says up to  22-27 players might be involved.  But how many of those players are on the current roster?  How many are retired?  How many are on another team?  Can you punish another team that has a former Saints player on their team?  I think the league will get together with the NFLPA and work it out so that it’s more in the way of fines than suspensions.

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03/22/2012 6:39AM
Kristian: Shocked at first, but it makes sense
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03/22/2012 9:56AM
Bill Parcells
Thsi is just my thoughts. I would bring in Bill Parcells for a year. Payton and Parcells are friends they can work together(off the record) Brees and the rest of the team respect him. Also Parcells would be a good for the team PR right now.
03/22/2012 10:37AM
Saints Punishment
Whoever revealed the illegal bounties being offered by the New Orleans Saints is not a snitch.......he is a "saint". If you are going to play sports, professional or otherwise, play the game like it is supposed to be played with SPORTSMANSHIP as the key ingredient. The low life thugs who participated in this degrading and illegal practice deserve all the punishment the NFL hands out, and more. If you can not play a game and win on your own talents, get off the field. To try and win by taking another player out of the game, maybe even runing his career or injuring him for life, just shows what a low life you are. Their philosophy: you can't win on your own merits, your own talent, so inflict as much harm as you can to get the other maybe more talented player(s) off the field. What a bunch of thugs they are who participate in that practice. I despise every single one who participated in this. My team will be one that plays the game with integrity and good sportsmanship. And those players will be the ones that get my respect. Playing the game any other way - they're just criminals and street thugs who dress as "professional" players. They should be playing on a prison field not a professional sports field.
03/22/2012 11:53AM
clean house and hire bill cower!
03/22/2012 2:09PM
That's "Cowher", for those who actually care.
03/22/2012 7:06PM
The New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Victory was the most important event for the morale of the Gulf South in decades. They are vital and integral to the image and future of New Orleans. They are in turmoil and have failed to do effective damage control following yesterdays actions taken by the NFL. Given the highly competitive environment of the NFL, it takes a functional team with a common goal-winning the Superbowl. To do this it takes the full focus of the owner, management, coaches, players and fans. Sean Payton, Micky Loomis and Joe Vitt were the best at their positions in the NFL. But they are no longer available to do their jobs. They need to be replaced immediately so that the Saints can move on and the the organization can begin to focus on their future. We have a core of winning coaches and players who were not sanctioned. We need to build on that core by hiring a new coach, GM and linebacker coach. Then we can quit dwelling on the unfair penalties imposed by the NFL and start to focus on the draft and next season and resign Drew Brees and our other free agents to contracts. We will also need to terminate the contracts of all the players who will be suspended for more than a game or two so that we enter the season with a full roster of available players. Who Dat?
03/23/2012 11:10AM
Is it just a coincidence that the first time a team has a decent chance to play in a Super Bowl that the NFL front office does their best to decimate the team" I don't.
03/23/2012 1:22PM
It's not just about lying...
Kristian, I get that Goodell didn't like the lying. But hasn't every other team also lied about pay for play programs? Whether it was a signature on a contract forbidding pay for play, or whether it was a verbal response, probably every team is guilty of this. Yes, if you look at the lying in a vacuum, what they did was wrong. But if you look at the accurate picture, taking into account the culture of the NFL and the culture of sports covering up well-known practices (compensation for NCAA athletes, anyone?), then what they're guilty of doing is what every other team is guilty of doing, and has done for many years. People keep wanting "proof" that this happens on every team, and simultaneously, many players have come out and said just this. This is a more complicated problem than the Saints just lying to Goodell--it's everything about the class-action suits, getting good NFL PR without hurting a major market, and denying that this is a problem throughout the NFL. If Goodell doesn't like being lied to and is truly concerned about player safety, he would've un-biasedly investigated 31 other teams. The fact is that it's not about the players, it's about NFL fending off lawsuits and making money. It's a shame that people are taking the NFL's PR at face value.
03/23/2012 5:19PM
Conspiracy Theory
Kristian, have you noticed how the national media has completely muted or flat-out ignored the outrage over the punishment because they're too busy talking about Tim Tebow in New York City? And that announcement and the Saints announcement were like five minutes apart. It makes me wonder if that wasn't planned or something. I mean, it's three days later and the Tebow trade isn't even official yet. But they hurried up and got both announcements out at the same time? You can say what you want, but either Goodell did this on purpose or he's the luckiest S.O.B. on the face of the Earth. Because now he doesn't have to answer the critics because they're too busy obsessing over Tim Freaking Tebow. He got away with it, and nobody seems to care.
03/24/2012 4:24PM
What about Goodell?
Since Mr. Goodell knew of these "Bounties" 2 years ago and did nothing, shouldn't he be guilty for doing nothing? By allowing this to continue could have jepordized injury and Mr. Goodell stood on the sidelines. At least, Sean Payton took his hit like a man! Hell, he's got a bad knee to show for it! Stand up MR.GOODELL and take your punishment as well!!!!! Don't make us the scapegoats!
03/25/2012 10:16AM
Get Real
Thank goodness that most of the so called Saints "fans" who write into this and other things I have been reading have nothing to do with running this team….Brees is greedy, fire the GM, and the best coach you have ever had, hire Bill Cohwer????? Jeeez, give me a break….One thing for sure, Kristian, you are getting "responses"…..love to sit down with you sometime, have a beer, and enjoy a laugh with ya'….cause I know you are laughing along with me (while I shake my head)….
03/26/2012 11:11AM
Who gets the money from Sean Payton's suspension?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the money from an illegal hit go to charity. Where does Sean Payton's 7 million dollar hit go? Does the team get to "keep it" because they are not paying him. This is how it would work with a suspension of an employee. Does Sean pay 7 million in a fine to the NFL or does he just endorse his paychecks over to the NFL?
03/26/2012 1:06PM
Chucky to the Rescue
Jon Gruden's coaching style is a lot more similar to Sean Payton's than Bill Parcell's or Bill Cowher. No matter who comes in this "situation" actually presents an opportunity for an elite coach to make history. This could make for one of the greatest sports stories of all times. The stage is set once the Brees contract is done. Once these guys know they have the nucleus of the team in place the Saints will have their pick of the best that is out there. But not until that is done.
03/26/2012 1:36PM
Another question about the hit on Peyton.
If he is suspended obviously he will not receive a salary. If he was paid and then it was held by the league he would be subject to the IRS, this would not work. I would think that the Saints would keep the money and then pay a one-year coach (Bill Parcells would be excellent IMO) with that money. They already fined the Saints half a million, the NDL can't take Peyton's salary, too.
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