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Kristian: Saints reportedly shopping three players

The Saints are reportedly exploring the possibility of trading three big names on offense.

Those names are Pierre Thomas, Lance Moore and Darren Sproles, according to ESPN.

The cash-strapped Saints could trim several million dollars off the salary cap with a trade of one or three of the aforementioned players.

The possibility of a trade isn't surprising, considering the desire to re-sign Tight End Jimmy Graham and Tackle Zach Strief.  The Saints have $1.5 million of cap space ahead of opening day of free agency on March 11th.  Teams can begin negotiating with players on Saturday March 8th. 

One former Saints player who asked to remain anonymous doesn't agree with me about the possibility of moving Moore, Thomas, and possibly Sproles.

"What the f*** are they doing? Tearing it down? They better be careful how fast they do it.  They're being too aggressive in one off-season," he said.

He added "They seem to forget the formula to their success. They think they don't need any vets because some young players flashed and played well last season."

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03/06/2014 3:48PM
Kristian: Saints making major moves on offense
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03/06/2014 4:33PM
you got to be kidding me
just for jimmy come on Sean get rid of him
03/06/2014 5:11PM
hate this
As a fan of the players, I don't want any to go. Head shed will make the best calls though. Wish that the CBA limited the percentage of the cap any single player could get.
03/06/2014 5:56PM
Forget jimmy
Get rid of jimmy! Lance can go too.
03/06/2014 6:12PM
Forget Sproles
Sproles needs to go. He production and speed has dropped off bigtime. He cant even make it to the second level of the defense anymore. He cant get more than 10 yrds on kick or punt returns either.
03/06/2014 6:12PM
I agree
I agree to get rid of Jimmy and Lance. Jimmy turned down a deal to become highest paid TE. Lance does not seem worth the amount he's getting.
03/06/2014 6:27PM
Sproles has been and still is the most productive player we have since we signed him!!!! Do your research before you talk!!!!
03/06/2014 7:02PM
Forget Sproles
EXCEPT last year. Listen with your ears, not your mouth
03/06/2014 8:42PM
Da Saints Fan
Bunkley Lance and Pierre have to go. The saints already have replacements for these three guys with a much lower cap number in Jon Jenkins Kenny Stills and Kyrie Robinson.
03/12/2014 3:33PM
Can we get rid of Kristian Garic?
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