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Kristian: Saints left their heart in San Francisco

Remember that song performed by Tony Bennett, "I Left my Heart in San Francisco?"

Yeah, you could say that applies to the Saints. They still haven't gotten over the divisional playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers to end their 2011 season.

"There's no doubt. I don't know that we've got that taste out of our mouths yet from that San Francisco loss. That was heartbreaking. It's carried over a little bit to the offseason. We've talked about it a lot," Interim Head Coach Joe Vitt said.

The Saints were undone by five turnovers... falling to the Niners 36-32 after a near brilliant come back win.

The Saints are getting ready to take the field again next week for organized team activities (OTA), and Vitt says the offseason conditioning program has been outstanding. "The weight work has been good. Our players' weights are good. Our film sessions have been outstanding. To this point right now in this offseason, it really couldn't have been better. Our guys are working hard. Our leadership has really done a good job within the locker room. I think with the new acquisitions of our players, they are everything that we thought they would be up to this point. They've meshed very well with the existing players that we have on our team. It's been a great offseason, it really has."

For the most part, the Saints should be healthy when they hit the field next Wednesday.

"There are going to be a couple of guys we'll back off of. Obviously (Jonathan) Vilma, we're going to back off on. Jahri Evans, we've got to back off on a little bit. That's been an ongoing process with the rehab this offseason. There are no surprises," Vitt explained.

Evans did not have offseason surgery, but Vitt said that he's a little sore right now. The players that I have spoken with during this crazy wild offseason insist they'll use the bounty saga and the way last season ended as motivation for 2012. We're about to find out just how motivating those things will be.

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05/17/2012 9:22AM
Kristian: Saints left their heart in San Francisco
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05/17/2012 1:27PM
Open letter to Mickey Loomis and Tom Benson:
Open letter to Mickey Loomis and Tom Benson: Loyal Saints fans have filled the Dome since its inception. Sure, for some games, the last 300 tickets sold were usually last minute during the lean years, but the house was always packed no matter what. It did not matter who was in the uniforms, we cheered for them, anyway. Even when fans were protesting ownership and management by wearing bags, we, the Saints fans, still came. Mr. Benson, the concept, from days long gone by of you making money, and not caring what product you put on the field are a distant memory to all Saints fans. When it is time for Drew Brees to retire and the team has to transition into rebuilding, we, the Saints fans can accept that kind of transition. We, the Saints fans, want you to sign Drew Brews, now. And yes, Mr. Loomis, he is bigger than the team, the Saints organization, the owner, and of course, you, sir. Do not under estimate the level of the fans' patience. For a lot of the Saints' Nation, we follow Mr. Brees. If it is true, that you, did not inform the players and coaches about bounty warnings, then you, sir, should be grateful, you are still employed. Now, sign Drew, now. The pitch forks and torches are waiting in the wings to run you right out of town.
05/17/2012 8:08PM
open letter to saints fans
Get over it.
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